Tuesday, October 30, 2012

events & halloween preview

hey guys!!

FALL TIME has proved itself to be quite busy. Remember how i told you I was making cards for the holiday boutique my stepmom is hosting. Well, that event is this saturday and over the weekend was one final push of getting some cards done!

Here are a couple more I made!

Plus look at my pretties packaged up in individual cellophane envelopes. They sure do look more professional!

 25 cards boxed up and almost ready to be picked up!

Over the weekend, my mom and I also got my nana her FIRST EVER CELL PHONE! 74 years old and getting her first cell phone! lol..i love it! 

My nana with her serious, determined face said to me, "Britt, I need a cell phone. How do I get a cell phone?"

The answer to that is a complicated, depends one as you know. All she needs the phone for is to call my grandpa when she is ready to be picked up from the store. "Ya, I am ready"=one minute usage, maybe twice a week. 

No long distance. No text. No internet.

My mom and I talked with the electronics sales lady who was trying to get us to snag a $30/per month T-Mobile phone with Intenret and text, ummm no thanks. We're trying not to confuse my nana here! We looked at other phones and settled on one with large keys and flip so my nana doesn't accidentally have buttons pushed she didnt mean to without the "cover" ya know.
The simpler the BETTER!

I can't wait to surprise my nana tomorrow with her new phone, wrapped in a Christmas bag lol.

I am also excited because Halloween is in one day! 
I've got a Halloween preview for you today: HOW I DID MY MAKEUP!
it's totally Hunger Games Capitol Residents Inspired!

mad hatter-esque

I'll post later this week my full costume as well as what makeup I used to achieve this look. And what costume will I be you may ask? 

Well, it's inspired from a lady who lives in the Capitol. She just walks by as an extra in the movie, but she's dressed all in pink and is walking a pink dog. So, im just gonna be a pink lady, maybe looking more like a pink oompa loompa! ;)

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Alli said...

Your cards are great! You're very talented.

Megan10e said...

Wow, those cards look amazing! Love the "countdown to Christmas" one! Hope you sell them all!

Kelly said...

Those cards are beautiful!!!!! Do you sell them in a shop? Have I missed that???? And that makeup is soooo cool! You are really talented girl!

Megan said...

you look awesome! and i love your cards! i hope you are feeing better