Monday, January 7, 2013

Follicleanse shampoo [review] & giveaway!

When I find some new product or food or anything i like, I have to share the news!

You guys, I am in love with a new shampoo! It's called Follicleanse. I have unfortunately suffered with dandruff & oily hair for most of my earthly years! It's embarrassing and a problem that has had me feeling {very} self conscious, especially since I have dark hair (dandruff can be way more noticeable). 

When I received the opportunity to review Follicleanse clarifying shampoo and No Weight conditioner by, I was thrilled! This is the perfect match for me! I am almost always willing to try new things to help bring my scalp relief, especially a deep-cleaning-to-the-root-shampoo!

Normally when I wash my hair (which is twice a week), I wash it twice because my hair is so thick and literally sucks up the first initial dollop of shampoo. My hair is SO oily too! Thank God for dry shampoo too lol. Anyways, Follicleanse is probably my new fave anti-dandruff, deep cleaning yet gentle shampoo.
for men & women!

My scalp gets so intensely itchy, i feel like a monkey scratching!  I sometimes think my hormones are out of whack because my hair/scalp is oily yet dry with flakes! Contradictory yes, but GROSS, I know! but it's true!

Follicleanse has a slight herbal scent, definitely not overpowering. Like I mentioned before, after rinsing the first round of washing, the shampoo lathers better the 2nd time around for me. The Follicleanse shampoo feels soothing to my scalp and my hair and head feels really clean too, like ahhh.

Because my hair is so thick and I wash it twice in one sitting, you can see how much shampoo product I've used in two weeks here (the conditioner bottle contains a bit more because I use less conditioner than the shampoo):
8oz bottles each
I should also point out that Follicleanse is paraben free , organic based and has nutrients such as fenugreek to help promote healthy hair. yay!!

Follicleanse shampoo costs $11.99 on, but the friendly people at Healthy Hair Plus have given discounts just for you, my lovely readers!! If you're interested in trying out this product for yourself or a loved one is, you can use the following:

Use code: haircare at checkout for a 15% Lifetime Discount on all HealthyHairPlus products!

 Use code: fs35 for a 35% discount on purchases of Follicleanse!!

and guess what!? I have more GOOD news for you! There are two sets of Follicleanse Shampoo and No Weight Conditioner up for grabs today on the blog!! So yes, there will be TWO grand winners!! Enter below in the Rafflecopter! Open to U.S. residents only as I will be personally shipping the products! DOES ship internationally! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway *Products were given in exchange for a review. This post is sponsored by Healthy Hair Plus but opinions, thoughts, reactions are completely,100% honest and my own.


Meghan said...

awesome giveaway!
love you girl :)

Lynne said...

Well, I will hold out some hope for you - I am older than you - I had oily hair when I was your age - but as I have aged, my hair has gotten less oily - so hooray for a GOOD thing that comes with aging!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Bunny Girl said...

Great review!

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