Monday, January 21, 2013

sights from today

Happy Monday and Happy MLK day for those of you who get the day off! :)

I've been busy preparing for my BIG birthday party this weekend.
I've been working on my banner and as I type this post, I am burning cd's of my 'party mix playlists'.

While I went out today with James, my neighbors down the street and around the corner were out in their driveaway. I had never seen nor met them before but I did get to today.

They have a girl horse who always hangs out in the backyard. I always see her through the chainlinked fence. Whenever I pass by her from on a walk, I talk to her from afar. Sometimes, she's eating hay and I say, "hi buddy" in a high-pitched baby voice and she just pops her head up in my direction, it's so dang cute.

Well, my neighbor happily offered to bring Tazsha out front to meet me. It was so sweet. Tazsha(hoping I am spelling her name right) is so calm and gentle. I got to feed her a carrot. Her name means "golden crown" in Arabic I think.

It was the highlight of my day to meet her and to pet her.

Also, while we were out at the grocery store, I saw this:
Pray to God

A nice reminder to me that God is everywhere, even in the strange, unknown person that wrote this on the sign. Thanks person.

In less than one hour, I'll be participating in a twitter party hosted by Radiant Cosmetics as well as Kelley from The Grant Life and other fabulous bloggers who are co-hosting. The goal is to bring awareness and hopefully an end to human sex trafficking! If you want to join, we'd love it and it starts at 7pm Arizona time, 8 central time, 9 eastern time. Use hashtag #kissslaverygoodbye and register here at kelley's.


Becca Acker said...

Your weather this time of year is FAR different from where I am. We have below zero temps right now! Your pics look so summery. :)

Amanda said...

So stinking jealous you live near a horse!! Someday I hope to own our own. Plus I want to start going to the stables on post to volunteer and ride. Small steps!

holli said...

That's so cool that you got to pet the sweet horse. My dad has a ranch with several boarders so i take for granted that i'm around them all the time.
So can i have a burned copy of your playlist? I came across your birthday card yesterday in my laptop bag. I yelled "crap" in the office outloud because i thought i mailed it. Sorry.

Kelley @ said...

Looks like you had a great time! :)

So happy you joined the Twitter party too!