Wednesday, January 16, 2013

wiw:sophisticated with firmoo glasses

I've been blessed to have good eyesight so far in my life. I do however, have some hearing loss :( i think it's hereditary because my aunt june is partially deaf in one year and i've been having hearing probs in my right ear since i was in high apparent reason?

anyways, it's all the rage now to be sporting fashion glasses, even if they are not prescription glasses. I've finally gotten on trend and have a pair courtesy of!

Also, right around the time I first was contacted by firmoo, my good friend Paco had just ordered his first pair of red framed-nerdy glasses for free! He was so excited to receive them!

What is Firmoo you may ask? 
Firmoo is an online eyewear store that is becoming quite popular these days. Their website also features a virtual-try-on station so you can visually see how certain glasses will look on your face shape.

There are many different styles and color to choose such as: harry potter-esque , or these classic brown & ivory beauties or maybe these tortoise aviator style glasses are your thing?

Most of the glasses I've seen on their site are pretty affordable ranging from $8 to $56 where most fall in the middle range..not too shabby at all!

Did you know that Firmoo has a FIRST PAIR FREE program? According to their site, new customers can snag their first pair of glasses for Free, just needing to pay shipping! So you can wander over to their site and pick out some fashionable, durable glasses for free! Their prescription glasses are filled with 1.50 index single vision lenses FYI. And if you're not satisfied, you'll be refunded.

Now, let's get chatting about the ones I was sent!!

the pair i chose were unisex and without prescription (as i mentioned above, i've been blessed with good eyesight). 
I really wanted sunglasses but they were out, so these were my 2nd option.

They have a gray frame and black arms. The frame itself is very sleek and has a modern look to it. They are pretty light weight. I definitely wanted to try these out because of how fancy and sophisticated they seemed, plus,the whole wearing kinda nerdy-but-not glasses as a fashion accessory is all in right now. I thought I'd happily give em a try.
glasses: firmoo / shirt: American eagle outfitters/ earrings: along for the ride

Now, I have a really wide head, so i was really hoping that these glasses wouldn't be too tight. I was wrong. 

When i opened the package, i was so dang excited, but tried them on and were a bit tight. The glasses themselves are very strong as they were able to stretch a bit without breaking while I had them on. I felt like I could only wear them for less than an hour before indenting the sides of my face lol. It's not their fault, it's just that I have a really wide face!

Although, when I did have them on, I looked like a more mature, grown-up person, which made me smile because I look like I am 18 and I am really 30 now! hahaha.  I said to myself, 'wow! you look good in glasses!" haha.

Plus, I was so impressed with the quality and standards of this company. The glasses came with their own sturdy sunglass case with a soft, light blue cleaning cloth to clean the lenses!

If you decide to order a pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses or even just fashion glasses and have any questions about shipping or ordering contact firmoo and they'll be happy to assist you!

*product was given in exchange for a review. Opinions and reactions are compeltely, 100% honest and my own.


Marie Annette said...

they look amazing :) you look cute!

i would love to review these as someone who needs a prescription, but i can never get in contact with someone on there end. :/

Sue said...

Oh Britt, you look so cute in glasses!!

Lynne said...

They DO look great on you ---- but I'm sorry they give you the dreaded "indents". My husband has that problem as well......

Megan10e said...

Ooh, those do look good!