Tuesday, June 25, 2013

i got new jeans & they make me feel so hip

hey lovelies.

let's talk about jeans.

I've been on the hunt for a new pair of jeans for months. All of my previous attempts at the skinny jean have been also colored jeans. I've bought about four, only needing to return them because of something somewhere not fitting right.

Too long. ( i need petite/short length)
Too tight at the waist.
Too baggy on the thigh.
Too baggy on the leg.
Didn't like the feel of the material, etc.

I am just not proportioned averagely lol.

Oh, & this is NOT a sponsored post.

I just want to rave and wave my arms excitedly to you at how much i love American Eagle jeans. About a week and a half ago, i bought the skinny kick jean. I didn't give up on the skinny colored jean, but i just had to snag a pair of medium wash blue jeans!

It was a triple whammy because 1. I needed a new pair. 2. they were in a wash that I liked. 3. AE had 50% off the price of 29.99, making these babies fifteen dollas!

Just the name skinny kick makes me feel hip and the clip of molly shannon in this skit comes to mind...."and i KICK, stretch! and KICK. I'mmmm fifty. 50 yeeahs old!" I am not 50, rather, I am 30, but i got spunk like Sally O'Malley!

seriously, I feel like crime fighting in these jeans with my superpower of kindness.

These jeans got just the right amount of stretch. The length is just where I want them and there's no extra bunching material at the crotch, where some jeans's rise are too baggy at low-rise or mid-rise ya know. These jeans hug my thighs(def more fitted) and then at the knew they start to flare out a bit. I love em!

I'm thinking that whenever i need jeans or pants that AE is gonna have to be my go-to, guaranteed to fit just right store.

Take a look.

What pair of jeans are your fave? Do you have a single store you shop at for jeans/pants? What's the best place in your opinion to purchase jeans?
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Katie said...

I hope you bought two pairs!!!
They look great!

Myranda said...

Those jeans look awesome on you! I like the American Eagle boyfriend jeans myself :)