Monday, June 24, 2013

over the weekend

I now realize that my post title could very well be taken in two different ways:

#1. I am SO over the weekend (connotating that i had a bad weekend)
#2. This is what happened over the weekend (connotating this is what happened/i did/how my weekend went)

you know I mean #2 right? haha

so over the weekend I was lazy, social and productive!

Lazily: took a two hour nap on friday for my two nights prior were blahhh! couponing, deleting tons of emails, writing a couple notes and pondering life's greatest question such as what artist next to listen to on spotify were done! These days my ears are being entertained by Imagine Dragons, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Eat World and The Paper Kites. Oh and thanks to my friend katie, I finally watched, Silver Linings Playbook. I gotta say that Jenn Lawrence, Brad cooper and the cast, esp "pat's" family, did a superb job acting. I really believed them. The story might be about "crazy" people, but really, we are all a little crazy. Maybe that's why it was relate-able.

Socially: I got to see and visit with my aunt josie on saturday. It was so lovely to catch up with her. I've missed her so much. An aunt is indeed a special person in your life. I am glad that we got to spend time together. A bit after she arrived, she went and picked up lunch from RUBIO'S!! Oh yum!! Me and my mom love this place! and got my aunt hooked on the blackened tilapia taco! It's near to impossible to catch up and talk about all the things you want to talk about in 3.5 hours! haha, nevertheless, I enjoyed her company.

productively: I  made some cards. I's gotts to build up my "inventory" again!
Here is one pretty that I made with my new farmers market paper pad. This card is in the official "to sell" box.

and that's about it friends. how was your weekend? what did you do or not do? :)
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Ashley Frederickson said...

What a fun weekend! You are so beautiful, that is so neat you can just catch up with your aunt. I have quite a few aunts but I never just talk to them about life, maybe I should be the one to approach them. That card is so beautiful, you have great talent!

Myranda said...

That card is cute :) I miss Rubio's from when we lived in AZ , so yummy! I'm glad you had a good time with your aunt