Thursday, June 20, 2013

someone that I used to know

Do you know what Vitiligo is?
No. It's not some Italian dessert, though it does sound like a fancy, sweet Italian word lol.

It's often known as the skin problem Michael Jackson had. Well, I have it too.

Vitiligo is a skin condition/auto-immune disorder (as I understand, in case most doctors don't even know what causes it) in which the skin loses its pigment. As a result of not producing melanin (which gives skin its pigment), one ends up with white patches or spots on their body.

My white spots were first discovered about five years ago by my caregiver chila one night a few months after I moved here. The spots were small, like the size of rice or marker dots underneath my thighs. Since then, the spots have joined together to make large patches! It's gone from under my legs/thighs to my chest and shoulders (this area has been most affected), to my right arm, left hand and even my face. Because of this reason, I wear capped sleeved tee shirts under tank tops or spaghetti strapped tops/dresses for my skin will burn so easily! I literally have no pigment on my shoulders to help protect from sunburn. I get like, OUCH red, itchy, bumpy sunburn!
No me gusta!

Again, this is another reason why I advocate to EVERYONE (whether or not they are tanned or have all of their pigment) to wear sunscreen!Protect your skin! Isn't it the largest organ we posses!? I seriously have, "I dont want to get skin cancer" burned (no-pun intended) in my mind! Also, who really wants pre-mature age spots or wrinkly skin?! Not me!

So anyways, in my younger days, even up to 3 years ago, I used to be wayyyyy more vain. When I could visibly see my skin changing within months, I (mostly) accepted it and handled it fine until...(keep reading). I was just thankful that it wasn't painful! I used to tell myself, "as long as it doesn't go to my face. that probably won't happen. it's only on my legs and chest. please don't go to my face."

haha, well guess what? Miss-who-cares-so-much-about-her-face-i-mean-thats-what-everyone-immediately-sees, was in for a lesson. Sure enough, two new small white patches appeared on my face! First one to happen was above my right eye at the hairline and the other on my chin. And to top if off, my hair was turning white, like a huge patch near the crown. Man, i felt like an old lady.

I've been to the dermatologist to address this issue and was given a special cream to use on those skin spots. I tried it for a short time because I ended up having a reaction to the product and wasn't really noticing a difference anyway, so i stopped using it. I learned that I wasn't THAT vain because I really didn't care to try those other treatments that might or might not work.

So, seriously, at first, I was more upset about it occuring on my face. At least i am light complected! That definitely helps. Most people that saw me never even noticed unless I pointed out the two spots! They'd say, "Oh britt, you can cover them up with makeup. use makeup to make them darker."

"haha are you kidding? I don't want to look like a cheetah!", is what I'd say. In reality, using shades darker to to try to "hide" the white spots was going to make those areas more noticeable. I cried and became slightly depressed because of this changing my outward appearance! We as women, especially in our society, place so much value on our physical beauty. I was definitely feeling the pressure of something I could not control.

I just didn't want to have another problem.
I just didn't want to have to worry about something else.
I just wanted the spots to blend in.
I didn't like these changes. 
And change, my friends, is something that is guaranteed in life.
Ultimately, I've just continued using the same shade of foundation or tinted moisturizer all over my face and letting my true colors show! ha! :)

Miss Vain became someone that I used to know.  I'm so glad that I accepted those spots years ago. I am so used to them. They don't bother me anymore. Really, what could I do? I threw my hands up and gave my worries to God. Worry and stress would certainly not stop the process from happening, only possibly, make it progress.

The only thing I do and have been doing is use a bit of concealer to lessen the redness of the spots on my face, because they again, burn easily, even when using spf 50 sunscreen. And, I color my hair about every 6 weeks! ;)

I am Britt. I am spotted and I am beautiful.

To learn more about Vitiligo, you can read a bit about it on webmd.

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Regina said...

You're right. Worry and stress don't help and they just make you far from God's grace. God has wonderful plans for us through our flaws and I know His plans for you are amazing. I hope you get the best and recover soon. You are beautiful, Britt. You really are. ;)

Victoria said...

hi britt-great post! you're right, change IS the only guarantee. i have to do my roots every four weeks. it kills me (and my wallet) :) happy friday!

holli said...

Its actually more common that what people think. I have a few friends that have the white spots. Sunblock is always a good practice.
You're beautiful!

Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide said...

Thanks for posting the giveaway! You are gorgeous..even with that sun burn! I hope you have a great day!

Pammy said...

You are still beautiful as ever B!!