Wednesday, June 19, 2013

crickets are funny

Yes. This post title is somewhat random, but you may see the connection if you make it through to the end of this post.

orange toes

it's been awful quiet around here don't you think? I hear the crickets. While it may have been silent on the blog, my mind has been full of noise this past week. I saw a picture on a friend's facebook page that read, "quiet people have the loudest minds."

hmm, quite true sometimes.
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Btw, If I spot a cricket gliding along the floor, I don't run it over. I don't like to kill harmless insects/bugs if not necessary. better just to scoop them up and take em back outside.

I seem to have bright ideas for the this baby blog of mine at like 2 am. Of course, I am not prepared to write such bright ideas down. Maybe I need to add a notebook and pen among my pillows to jot stuff down so I can bring to life these sparks of the imagination?

One topic that I want to share with you is a couple funnies that have happened in the last week. Being happy makes a big difference in my life. Not only on my overall mood, but also my perspective on things, especially when hearing about things that happen to others that lay just beneath the surface of what we see going on in their lives.

Sometimes, there's obviously more going on that God is working on behind the scenes of our lives :) and TAKE ACTION! lol.

Also, when I feel happy, am happy, I treat others better too. Kinda a no-brainer, right? 

So here are the two little tales:

One day last week while my caregiver Maria was doing my hair, she unraveled the elastic tie and all of my crazy hair fell down. M's daughter, little P who is 5, (i've mentioned her many a time on here) was watching and just started giggling and said in response to seeing my hair down, "Wow Britt. You look like a womAn!"

lol. "Ok, so what did I/do I look like with my hair up?",  is what I said to myself. hahahaa

Yesterday, one of my good friends came over. We were just catching up on each others lives as we haven't seen each other since April. We talked about health, friends, family, guys, social things and such. Let me just say that you know you are true friends when you are free of embarrassment to talk about bowel movements!  

So yeh! Any funny things happen to you lately? Or funny comments made? I'd love to hear about them! :)

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holli said...

I love the orange toes!!
I dont kill crickets either but if its a waterbug or spider- theyre dead!
Its always fun to hang with girlfriends and be completely yourself.