Friday, November 1, 2013

a confidence booster

"I need to look presentable tomorrow," said me last night.

Some days, even if I am expecting company, I don't care what I look like. I have clothes on that I call "lounge wear" that consists of either pajamas or yoga pants and a tee shirt. No makeup. No earrings.

Well, today, I put together a casual outfit that's perfect for giving me a little boost of confidence,which is something I've noticed I've been lacking lately. I think most of us go through this at times where we talk "fat talk" about ourselves {i am guilty as charged} and make jokes about ourselves OR we hear from others hurtful, negative things about our size and appearance.

"I have a donut." "do you want a donut for your donut?"
"I am round and short like a pumpkin".
"I look like humpty dumpty."
" I am sorry, I have to tell you, you have a big butt."
"it's not big, it's HUGE."
"you're going to eat that?"

Last night before I fell asleep, I was thinking how much I've been putting myself down. WHY?! Why do I do that to myself? I need to love myself, now, as I am, whole-heartedely as much as I love others. Would I say the things I say to myself to my mom, friends or a young girl? Absolutely not!
Here's to snapping out of this negative mind-set and focusing on my positive qualities like being compassionate and patient (inwardly) and liking my eyes and hands (outwardly). And since it's November now with Thanksgiving and all, I'll name a few things I am thankful for about myself:

I am thankful for the upper body movements I have that allow me to write, type, create, apply makeup, eat and drink for myself.

I am thankful that my hair has continued to grow in my bald patches.

I am thankful that I am a patient person and that God has helped me to grow more in patience, understanding and compassion.

I am thankful for my sound, creative mind and my quirky sense of humor.

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What are you thankful for about yourself? 

outfit details//
shirt: kmart
jeans: american eagle
earrings: forever21
 photo signature_zps68838d56.png


Martha Woods said...

I think that's such a good way to put it--if you wouldn't say it to another young girl, don't say it to yourself. I will definitely remember that next time I'm bashing myself for something!

That green top looks great on you, btw! Really flattering against your skin tone. :)

Barbara A Mizzoni Young said...

You should also be thankful for glowing skin! I envy you that. A heartfelt post about looking for the bight side of life. Green is definitely a color you should wear more.
Barbara @

Tea&Sequins said...

I love this post! I feel like women are really good at putting themselves down but not necessarily building themselves up. I love that something simple like putting together an outfit can really help though! I love the detailing on the back of your green top!


holli said...

You look too cute!
I am thankful for a sweet friend like you.

Helen Gash said...

I love you Britt and you are BEAUTiful. Every woman has those low confidence day, the thing is not to let them consume you.

Keep positive :)