Thursday, November 14, 2013

real life gone digital life?

This was intended to be posted last week, but i am over here living life. I've been reading alot of blog posts and online articles about real life and "digital life"...and how much of our real life has turned into a digital life from asking a girl out on a date via text to finding out how about your uncle was diagnosed with cancer from his facebook post. No phone call there.
The way we are connecting is definitely changing more and more as we head into the future.

Do I dare ask when is the last time anyone has written a handwritten letter or note and sent it in the mail? I'll tell you that I do it all the time and its meaning is so special. I know because when a friend or relative sends me a card or letter, it totally makes my day and brings a warm fuzzy in my heart. That person took the time to write from their heart, even if it's just telling me about their latest vacation or book they read. It's just priceless.

So let me ask you. How much of your life is online? Would you say it's 50% or 75% or more or less? Now, for us who blog, alot of our real life is plastered online, but we can choose how much we reveal. We don't have to "check-in" at wendy's, then the gas station and let everyone know where we are. For me, I would say that I choose to be pretty open with you all and I would say that 65% of my real life is expressed on the blog, which is fine with me because to me, how else will my readers relate. And I just don't want to label you as readers, but as my friends and greatest supporters. Blogging about my life is what my blog is about and a way for me to document that as well to share with family & friends who live away.

The way to connect these days is by email, face-time, skype, facebook and instagram (i don't even have an account) and I will continue to utilize facebook and twitter as ways to reach out. Despite all that, I will always write my little heart out to my dearies and try to help keep the postal service in business.
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Pamela Graves said...

I still love snail mail - I love sending handwritten cards - but true, much of life is online these days.

Helen Gash said...

Most of my life is online, but I still pick up the phone and love writing letters. I'm with you on the fuzzy feeling when you come home to mail that isn't a bill.