Monday, November 25, 2013

weekend recap + i am featured at...

Hello and welcome to the last week of November, friends.

I am excited for this holiday season. This past week I was feeling so sluggish with little sleep, but I talked with my primary doctor and have started a new medication to help me sleep. Last night I slept the best since starting the new med. I am dressed in flannel pj pants and a tee and enjoyed a cup of sleepytime tea earlier today. It doesn't make me sleepy, but it does feel soothing.

I've been productive today and I feel good about myself. I am excited too because I am featured on Carrie's blog, My So-Called Grown Up Life for a Thanksgiving Dessert Round-Up today!! I submitted the pumpkin cheesecake recipe. There are lots of other yummy treats featured! The mint fudge looks amazing and if you like Butterfingers, then you'd love to try the Butterfinger Pie.

Since Friday, things have been go-go-go. On Friday night, my friend Elisa spent the night and had dinner with us. Later, she went and got us frosty's! I was craving another one! She had to pick up the van rental that evening and instead of driving all the way back home (an hour), it was smarter she stay the night on my side of town.
We rented the van so that I could attend her brother's 40th birthday party! But before the party saturday, we got some things at walmart and then went to the mall so I could exchange something. It was so neat to be able to sit in the front passenger seat (in my wheelchair) and talk to Elisa while she was driving. I haven't rode in a car with her in about eight years!

So while we were waiting in line at walmart (it was so packed!), there was a friendly guy from the south who was with a female friend or family member. He was talking to everyone in line and toward the end when my items were getting scanned, he complimented me on my sweater and then my "beehive hair" and said I looked so cute. I was like, whoa, he's pretty cute too! I imagine him to be in his late 30's. I replied thank you and just mentioned how nice it is to be friendly to people and converse while waiting more than 15 minutes in line and not to be so grumpy and impatient ya know. He agreed. Talking with him was just a little perk of my day! lol

what a cool cake!
It  rained for 2-3 days straight here in AZ, so the rain kinda dampered plans for the party for Rudy, which was going to be outside too: about 35 people showed up out of the 100 invited and part of the roof at their parent's home (where the party was) caved in just before the party began! Oh the rain and cold!

Despite all that, we still had a great time. Her aunt E made awesome beans! I think she made them in a crock-pot. I was so happy that I got to be at Elisa's parent's house and see them and other family members who I used to see often, especially before I got on the vent. Elisa and I hung out quite often, so i know them all fairly well. It's amazing to not have seen anyone for four years and then to see new babies and the kids growing up. Tomorrow is Rudy's actual birthday, so HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUDY!

Yesterday, I got to help teach Sunday School with Amanda. I basically just shared my conversion story, what was on my heart and how we can reach out to those who might not know God or who are just curious about our faith. Later, in Relief Society, I strongly felt the Spirit and got so teary eyed! I was like, nooooo, don't look down, your mascara is gonna run! I could definitely imagine myself being called as a sunday school teacher. I think that would be such a fun, rewarding experience. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend even though it was colder and rainy. I am so blessed to know amazing people and have them be a part of my life.

How was your weekend? Did you cozy up by the fire or were you out running around like me? :)

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What a wonderful day. SO happy you got to attend such a happy event. You look beautiful. Have a lovely holiday