Thursday, March 22, 2012

basic makeup routine & WIW st. patty's

Hello loveys! I am back today with a video of how I do my makeup on a typical day.(i meant to upload and post this yesterday, but was having issues). I tend to go with brown & taupe eyeshadow shades for if I'm kickin back at home or just heading to walmart. I also am a few days late posting what I wore on St. Patrick's day. Wearing green was pretty much the extent of my Irish celebration. I don't like corned beef & cabbage & I don't drink beer so no green beer for me.

The video:

 {grandma bev & I}
[If you didn't or don't know me personally, I think you could say I look like a wee wittle leprechaun hahahahah]....cue the 'welcome to munchkinland' song from the wizard of oz..they're all wearin green too!

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Amanda said...

Haha girl, at least you can crack a joke about it! It is so hard to pull off green sometimes.. IDK I get the leprechaun feel more often than not, but maybe that's just me.