Friday, March 16, 2012

real beauty

Happy friday once again ladies!

Guess what!? yesterday I entered in People Magazine's Real Beauty at Every Age contest. Could ya take a sec and please vote for me here
I certainly would appreciate it! :) If my pic doesn't load up, enter Brittany in the 'find a beauty' search box.

I selected this prompt when filling out the entry form, " I'm beautiful when..."
and answered, "..I have confidence in who I am and letting my inner light shine to others through my smile."

In the picture I entered, I am wearing  MAC lipstick in lady danger (thanks aunt june!). dress:oldnavy. undershirt:f21. heart shaped earrings: oldnavy. shabby headband: buggy's basement

I am 29, nearing 30! yay! lol (really i am glad) and last week while doing my makeup noticed I had a new wrinkle near my right eye. Oh well, I am embracing my age, aging and not buying products for wrinkles, no no. But i don't smoke, [never have] and I use moisturizer w/spf 15 & wash my makeup off at night, so i got that goin for me.

I had a heart-to-heart with my mama recently. I was feeling kinda bummed and her words of encouragement brightened my day. I love her so much and am [So] thankful that God picked her as my mom. She is a pillar of strength and has a heart of gold. To me, my mom is a true example of real beauty. She's been with me through the good, the bad & the ugly and together, we have conquered mountains. I love you mom!

so friends, what does true beauty mean to you? When do you feel most beautiful?


Amanda said...

I think true beauty is when you can overcome stress and laugh about life, the hard parts, the easy parts, the good the bright the bad parts. When you have the confidence within yourself to know that you are someone special.

You are truly beautiful my dear.
And I voted!

Sue said...

I think beauty comes from within! If you are beautiful on the inside it will show on the outside & it doesn't matter what you look like. I voted for you- good luck!

Amanda said...

Ok I am so excited I have cast my vote and shared with my friends on FB!!!! YAYYY! This is so exciting!!!