Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KONY 2012

you may call me idealistic and that's ok, because probably i am. I dream of a world where there is harmony and peace between nations. I dream of a world where injustice is a thing of the past. I dream of a world of connection and love. I dream that those who have had their lives stolen at one point can still have their dream. 

The past few days, I've been deep in thought about how i can serve. I wanted to become a part of something bigger than myself and my simple, humble life. Something that my heart would be on fire for. I have vitiligo (an autoimmune skin disorder that makes my skin lose its pigment, ya know, the same one Michael Jackson had)...anyways, yesterday i noticed a spot that resembled Africa. I traced it so you can visualize better. To me, it's a sign from the heavens! God was hinting at my answer.
 {do you see it? just backwards. But i see Africa.}

the video below is 30 minutes long, but i promise you, it'll be the best 30 minutes you may spend today. I watched and became aware of it & who Joseph Kony is via my friend Sue who blogs over at hello. also, i love you

we all CAN do something! We, who may feel small or not powerful, can unite for the common goal of giving a LOUD VOICE for the invisible children. No one should have to live their life worrying about being abducted to become a child solider or a sex slave. No one should be forced to kill their own parents or see their own dear brother killed before their eyes. A child deserves to be cared for and looked after, but this isn't happening for thousands of children. We now know that it's going on in Africa, which seems so far away, but it's happening on a much wider scale & deserves national and worldwide attention. Just because it's happening 'over there' doesn't mean we should close our eyes & stay silent. This is an opportunity to speak up and take a stand. This is our moment to make a difference to these invisible children, who are also God's children. We can be brave for them, because God is with us. (romans 8:31)

I rank Kony right up there with Hitler! In the video you will see that Kony is the world's worst war criminal! ( I didn't know until today). We can make him famous to the point that the world's cameras are scrutinizing his every move, letting him know that we as a worldwide community of hearts are after him and that his reign of terror WILL come to an end! By helping to stop Kony, we will be changing the world for the better.

Too much sanity may be madness. And maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be!-miguel de cervantes

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