Tuesday, March 20, 2012

spring makeup tutorial #1

happy spring everyone! [i think today's the first official day of spring?]
This look today is inspired by my new bloggy friend Amanda. She's a cali girl but is all texan! Check out her blog here 
She cracks me up & likes GCB too! 
GCB is my new favorite must see show on sunday nights!
spring time makeup look #1--i only say this because i plan on doing at least one other video for a spring time look... neutral eyelid with green/emerald eyeliner as the focal point with a beige/pink lip maybe?

(also, please excuse my constant throat clearing. I was obviously pretty phlegmy earlier lol. Part of my daily happenings.)

I am open to suggestions or special requests on a look you'd like me to do. Just leave a comment on this post or email me at: beelittlequeen@yahoo.com 
I'm gonna be keeping my eyes opened for inspiration from magazine photos of celebrities and see how close I can replicate or add a little twist of my own.

Time for me to do some research! :)
& thank you for watching!

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Lauren said...

Randomly came across your blog. It's too cute! & I really love this makeup tutorial. It looks great on you!