Friday, March 9, 2012

takin it back to the 90's

 i am SO not gangster by any means. I am not THAT into hiphop, but I wanted to take you back to the 1990's when i was a kid and as a few of these faves were crossing the airwaves as we experienced heatwaves! Swimming pools at our apartment complex's, water guns, popsicles, bbq grilled chicken & corn on the cob, early morning cartoons & coloring remind of summer days.

that girl is poisonnnnnnn..mhmmm..

I was like 8 years old when this song was popular! For some reason, this song played in my head as I was waking up a couple days ago. I'd like to dedicate this song to my cousin Steph. I think when she was in elementary or jr high, she did a dance routine in the talent show to this song! (remember steph?!lol)

and then im sure you know this song, yo wiggity wiggity whack! hahahaha

This song totally reminds me of when my family & cousins went to stay in a cabin in pinetop. I gotta go pee pee? what!? lol.

and everybody's gotta a lil love for ice ice baby!
"ok stop, everybody collaborate & listen"----prophetic words for our times? the issues we could solve if we followed Robert Van Winkle's advice. mmm yeh!

For those of you born in the 80's or grew up in the 80's, you'll probably appreciate this post! What were some of your favorite 90's songs?

Have a happy weekend!


Amanda said...

Ice ice baby was the theme song to my senior year in high school.. which was only 4 years ago, but still. LOL.

New follower! Saw you featured on Hello. Also, I love you. So excited to read more!

Pammy said...

B you totally took me back to good times. I remember when these songs were so popular, as kids we would dance to them when they came on the radio. I remember when my Aunt Vicky and cousin sara would come over we would do our own dance routines and then perform them for my Mom and Aunt.