Monday, April 23, 2012

beauty products review

I've mentioned in my last vlog that I would review some mascara and I thought, heck,let me just give you all a review on some beauty products that I have tried in the last few weeks. So here we go:

First of all, I have oily skin {ya'll probably tired of me saying that! lol} and where I live, it's been in the high 90's to 100 degree temps, so with that combo i've GOT to wear waterproof/smudgeproof mascara & eyeliner. About a month ago, I bought L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black waterproof mascara (sorry i don't have a pic for this one). I liked the brush and amount of mascara it held when going to apply mascara. It did give my lashes va-voom. The price you couldn't beat (about $6) :) sadly, after 1-2 hours, it smudged under my lower lash line makin me look like a raccoon! Not buying this again!

Next I got wet n wild lipstick in 511B for $1! 
I had a tube of this color, but it was time to throw it out so I wanted another tube. I love the pink fuschia color. You can dab just a bit of this on your lip for a nice tint OR apply more freely for a bright pop of color!

E.L.F liquid eyeliner in copper ($1). 
This eyeliner was OK. It's not packed with color as you apply it, so I went over the line like 2-3 times. For a buck, I thought i'd give it a try.
 Here I am wearing the eyeliner right above my black pencil liner.

 just a touch of glitter.
 E.L.F tinted moisturizer in nude ($3)
This product seems pretty dandy to me, especially for it's price. With summer practically here, I love that it is spf 20 and has essential vitamins to nourish my skin, all while giving me light coverage. The shade I got was a pretty good match. My face doesn't look pale like a ghost nor is it too dark. I squeeze some of this onto the back of my hand and apply with a foundation brush and blend.

Freeman Clay mask in chocolate & strawberry[deep pore cleansing].
 Oh my face felt so smooth and nice after washing this mask off. Here I am wearing it. I look so pale! and wow, the scent is delicious, makes you want to eat it! Btw, i got this mask for free, but i think they are pretty inexpensive. I'll try just about anything to help minimize my pores.

almay liquid eyeliner in black (about $5). 
OMG! I LOVE this eyeliner! It's technically NOT waterproof, but it claims to not smudge for up to 16 hours. It has a felt tip marker-ish pen to line your eyes. I wore this eyeliner 2 days ago in literally 102 degree sun and it didn't melt or smudge under my lower lashline (where I did not line my eyes). It didn't even smudge on my eyelid. I have my friend lauren in canada to thank for telling me about this great liquid eyeliner.
so there you have it friends! hope this helps if you ever wondered about any of these certain products or that you might want to try.
Have a great evening and remember to come back tomorrow as i have a wonderful friend guest posting!


jess said...

I love that tinted moisturizer! It's a staple in my makeup bag! :)

Sue said...

I love the beauty review- thanks Britt!

Kelly said...

Oh LOVE the glitter eyeliner! So going to have to try that for a night out this summer!

Amanda said...

That glitter eyeliner makes your eyes pop like crazy!!! I wish I had the creative energy and know how to play around with makeup.. but I don't. I'm bland. LOL.

Lauren Helen said...

I'm glad it turned out to work for you! :D
Also that glitter eyeliner looks beautiful on you - I've never seen E.L.F. products before but I'm sure if I dig I can find some! For a price like that, I'd be willing to do a little searching :P