Wednesday, April 25, 2012

what the shenanigans?

I kinda have a crush on Anderson Cooper of CNN. Ok ok,I do! I know he's like in his mid-40's, but the guy is so handsome & has a compassionate heart. He actually went to Haiti himself to help & report of the aftermath of their devastating earthquake, remember that? Have you heard of his RidicuList segment? It's pretty darn funny because the stuff is ridiculous yet gives you the chance to form your own opinion.

Well, I thought i'd come up with my own ridiculist but i'm gonna call it the  
what the shenanigans?
what the shenanigans?

I just read this article on yahoo about teenagers getting drunk from hand sanitizer? whhaaa? i've heard of kids getting drunk from taking too much cough syrup (sad. really sad.) but hand sanitizer? Don't these kids have something better to do?! I can come up with a whole lotta POSITIVE things that they could be doing other than harming their bodies. 

Note: It's not that "cool" to get drunk kids, especially when going this route! It also makes me think, where are the parents? I am not a parent [yet], but it seems that the current generation kids as a whole are a bit less respectful, a bit more lost, and a bit more  'grown up' at their age of say, 12, compared to in the 90's when I was 12. Even toddlers are getting away with crimes and getting what they want ALL THE TIME. I've seen it! 

To me, it seems parents are afraid to say NO and set limits for their kids. Or maybe it's because they are too 'busy' to invest quality time with their children. I understand that there are single parents out there doing the best they can, but a little goes a long way. Even an adult family member or friend, or Big Brother/Big Sister mentor can help motivate & influence these teens to make better choices and see just how amazing they are without risking their lives or health. These parents want to be 'the best friend' instead of the responsible adult who of course loves them, but establishes rules & boundaries. Sorry to go on a rant, but i think it's true.


Pammy said...

lol i just posted a comment on facebook about this. it makes me so mad that teeagers are doing this.

suzie q. said...

who doesn't love anderson cooper? what a sassafrass he is! parents, in general, are not as involved nowadays and spend more time being a friends than a parent, which is the downfall. i'm trying to find some way to be a mixture of my mom (super strict) and my mother-in-law (no authority what-so-ever). it's tough to figure out, but i think i will!

Amanda said...

I feel the same way! I constantly see these 10 year old (I would assume) children wandering around the apartment complex.. and I'm like WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS? No wonder kids have such a rough time later.. their parents let them do what they want younger and younger.. makes no sense to me.