Friday, April 20, 2012

cheery cards

I've mentioned before that I like to make cards. To start,  I put on pandora or itunes, grab my paris cup of coffee and start workin away! My room is my workspace and boy does it become a mess! I've got my craft bag, a makeshift cardboard box that holds various stickers, rub-ons, flowers, brads, corrugated board, blank envelopes, papercutter & chipboard embellishments, PLUS ONE of my 12x12 boxes of paper! People have told me that 'usually creative people are messy' and YES i am proud to say i am! I don't really see it as clutter, but more of an organized mess because I know where certain things are! SO between going back and forth between all the stuff on my bed and working on my skinny table, I always drop little scraps of paper as i cut away. Once I get into the crafting zone, I don't like to be disturbed. I find creating designs as I make the cards to be relaxing, imaginative & gets my brain spinning.

I made some the other day to start fulfilling two orders from two friends. With springtime here, I was inspired to make these cards bright & cheery! Take a look & hope you enjoy them! 

 I also incorporated some washi tape that I got from Target in the home office supply aisle. I got 4 (teal/green) coordinating rolls for $4 [they had one other color scheme which was red/pink]! I was So happy because some washi tape is more pricey than that! Not only can i use it for cardmaking, but i've used it to seal letter envelopes as well as used it in my Smashbook! I heart washi tape big time!!!!

What do YOU find CHEERY this time of year? What are some of your creative outlets?


Meghan said...

Uhhh, I might just need you to make me a card! Those are SUPER ADORABLE!!

Also you have word verification on...turn that off girl! ;)

Sue said...

I'm the same way, when I start crafting Aaron knows not to talk to me! I have to remember to be nice if he interrupts me :) I love the cards you made!

Amanda said...

Too cute.. LOVE the cards.
I wish I had time to do something like this..