Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Guest Post // Kelly from The House Houtz Party

Hello my lovely friends! I am so happy to introduce you to Kelly of the house houtz party ! She and I first met through a prize I won from her in a group giveaway not too long ago! After emailing back and forth  & getting to know each other better, I can say that Kelly is a true bloggy friend. She is one of the most real, sweet & funny girls I've met so far. With a cute sense of style, a hubby & four littles, and a heart of faith, she is a wonder woman! Enjoy!


How do you butter your toast?  

Seems like a simple question right?  

I mean who REALLY cares? 

I happen to think you should.
Let me explain. 

Say you are making some toast for breakfast…or waffles…whatever…anything
that involves preparing something in a way that can be done with care…OR not so
much.  Do you just slap on the butter
quickly to get it done or do you take the extra say 10 seconds it takes to
carefully spread the butter over that piece of toast to make sure each bite
will taste delicious?  That extra 10
seconds can REALLY mean the difference between a yummy breakfast experience or
some dry toast.
I ask you…WHO likes dry toast?
Maybe when you have the stomach flu…but WHO even likes it THEN?  I mean you are eating it because you have the

My point behind this strange breakfast word picture is this:  

When you take that little bit of EXTRA time
to do something for the people you love in your life you are showing them
selflessness.  You are showing them
love.  You are showing them you are
putting their needs before your own.  You
are dying to self in one tiny way.  

tiny things add up over time.  Those tiny
things slowly and surely build a clear picture of your love and commitment to
the people you love.    

That simple thing you do today may not seem that important but I
urge you NOT to rush through it.  It
really is the simple things done each day with great love that contribute to
your impact on someone’s life…be it your husband, your children or anyone else
that is important to you.  
I urge you to take those extra 10 seconds.  

After all buttery toast tastes WAY better!

Britt, thank you so much for having me at you blog today!!!


Oh, kelly, you are so welcome! Thank You for sharing little love tips today! I know I love me some buttered toast all buttered throughout the bread, not just the middle part lol. Taking a few extra seconds or a couple extra minutes in what you do can really make a difference! I KNOW, believe me! Feel free to show Kelly some love by visiting her blog, following her on twitter or facebook. She loves meeting new people too!


Kelly said...

Thanks for having me girl!!!

Jenn said...

Eek, girlll, you get me ;)

Okay so maybe my toast buttering habits are more about my OCD than anything else (TOTALLY ARE), but I'm going to use your excuse now! :)

Nice to "meet" you, Brittany! You have a super adorbs blog here!!

Kelly said...

Jenn! I'm GLAD!!!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Loved reading this Kelly! and Loved finding Bee LittleQueens shop :)

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

oops BLOG not shop :) haha

Amanda said...

This is a great post.. the little things do mean the most!