Tuesday, April 17, 2012

george washington

 I love meeting people. The motivation behind today's post comes from a suggestion my aunt june gave me years ago when I was riding the city bus daily to college & other places(before vent). While taking city transit, I met ALOT of interesting people and struck up conversations with them. Some became regulars and some I just encountered once. Aunt june said I should write about them, their stories and conversations we had. I never did. Today will mark the beginning of this fascinating journey as I document special, random [or are they?] meetings with strangers. 


His gold i.d. bracelet was engraved G.W. He told me he was the original George Washington! lol. I really don't know his last name, only that it starts with 'w', but i do know his first name is george and he probably showed me so i could remember him.

I met George yesterday at the mall. He was sitting alone, observing everyone. James wanted to get some japanese food at the food court so i tagged along and visited neighboring Panda Expresses menu because i do enjoy their orange chicken about once a year. I met james at the japanese food place as they were preparing his dish. I then followed james to an unoccupied table right next to where george was sitting. He had friendly eyes. He looked at me and I said hi and complimented him on his newsboy hat. He smiled and said if I wanted one, he would give me one, which i found interesting because he didn't have any bags with him! lol. I said, oh it's ok, i dont look good in hats.

 James was chomping on his lunch so I sat there talking between them two. After a few q&a's back and forth I asked the old man due to an accent, "where are you from?" He replied, " Jerusalem." Wow i thought! I extended my hand and said, I am brittany, My name is brittany. What is your name? He said George and at first I thought he said Joe. He later showed me his engraved bracelet.

He asked me how old I was and if I was ok and that Jesus will help me. I agreed. He went on to tell me that he comes to the mall everyday and watches people. He likes it because there are different people everyday. After he goes home, he watches tv. He only drinks one cup of a coffee a day and that is at breakfast. Eating alot of (red) meat is not good for you he tells me, yet he encouraged me to eat another piece of chicken from James's plate. He still drives at 87 years old and knows what's going on. His 25 year old grandson has just become a lawyer. George will be traveling to Seattle next month with his son, who is the dad of the new lawyer. He seemed quite excited about that trip, wanting to get out of Az while the summer booms with heat. From what I can tell, G.W. is quite proud of his family; his children and grandchildren. Before living in arizona, he used to live in chicago. We are both capricorns, no wonder we clicked instantly! He was born in 1925! 

As it was time to say bye for now (as James and i were going to see the hunger games-i even invited george to come along with us but he declined. He likes his peace, which btw he had a silver peace band ring on his wedding finger). I let him know that next time i go to the mall that I am going to look for him. He let me know he would pray for me and i, for him. I really hope to find the cute old man named george again who's content living out his days alone but not alone.  he's gotta friend in me.

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Amanda said...

Awe I just love meeting new people. Obviously, since I blog and all. :)

I enjoy talking with the older generations though because they have experienced so much more than me. It truly is amazing. Great post girl!

Pammy said...

this was the cutest blog i have read.

Aimee - ItsOverflowing.com said...

Cute Blog!!! I love your SWEET story!!! I'm your newest follower and bloggy friend and am so excited to follow along!!!

XO, Aimee