Sunday, April 22, 2012

weekend in pictures

Remember about a month ago the media gave attention to the Kony 2012 Campaign, led by Invisible Children organization? Or how about  my post about it plus the video that went viral? Well cover the night was friday april 20th and this is what I saw yesterday:

graduation gifts i saw in my hallmark mail (hmm, maybe one of these for my sister who's graduating next month!) btw, there's a new hallmark movie starring cuba gooding jr, that is coming on tonight on abc! sorry i forgot the name

 Me and my little monkey friend taking a break for a picture. She was driving me crazy for 3 days in a row! lol, but i  know she needs a bit extra attention & love. I swear she thinks im around her age, yet she listens to me {most of the time!}

pretty tangerine roses growing in our front yard

Also, i'm excited to tell you that I will be hosting my first guest post HERE early this week, so stay tuned!!


Sue said...

I love the Stop Kony pic! It makes me laugh :) And of course your other pics too. xo

Amanda said...

These pictures are fabulous!