Thursday, February 9, 2012

Margaret's birthday

Hello friends!

Today, February 9th, is my Nana Margaret's 67th birthday!
I wish she were here, so we [all of her kids & grandkids] could celebrate with her. I am sure we'd gather at maybe my aunt june's backyard or my aunt dorothy's house and have rice, beans, enchiladas, salsa and cake. There would definitely be music, probably tejano/mariachi/Salena music because my nana loved to dance. She was always so charming and wanted to include you in the fun. You could just tell in her smile and that twinkle in her eye.

a funny thing about nana is that she was quite vocal-i mean loud! especially if she was playing referee between my three cousins, all sisters: brooke, bridge and brie.
It would make us girls all laugh because nana would get flustered (when she was mad at us or telling us something to do) trying to pinpoint one of us girls and go through the line: Bridget! I mean, Britt, ughhhh, BRIE BRIE!
SO this is why my grandpa henry refers to us B named cousins at the killer bees! haha.

anyways, the older i get, the more and more i miss my nana m. One thing i think i get from her is the love of makeup and always taking pictures, even of myself as she liked to get her picture taken professionally as seen below :) After she died and my dad and aunt were going through her stuff, we found notes that she had written about what makeup colors looked good on her and what colors of clothes to compliment the look. Isn't that so womanly? i love it!

happy happy birthday nana margaret!

love xo,

p.s. happy birthday to nana's twin sister, my aunt nellie who lives in cali.

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