Monday, September 10, 2012

Blank Canvas Tour in my living room!

OMG OMG! Even before Tico & Tina officially embarked on their Blank Canvas Tour, I had talked with Christina to let her know that if they were stopping in Arizona, that i'd love to meet and see them.

Well, guess what lovies, they did!! Yesterday afternoon, I was filled with giddyness as the Blank Canvas Tour crew drove up on the driveway! I couldn't believe that the BCT was LIVE in my living room!!! SOOO coool!

I've watched some of their travel videos and interviews they've had with other mutual bloggy friends, including Meghan, Julie and Kelly!

The time we got to hang out was just not enough and went by SOOOO completely fast! I felt as though i have known Tina longer. I like her free-spirited style and self. 

Krista was a pure delightful, so upbeat. I found out we are both Capricorns! Randall was a bit quiet (maybe he's an observer?), but has a funny sense of humor and is helpful. Miss Maeve is totally darling & creative. Little Maverick & David didn't get to hang out as much with us because cute little boy was napping as he fell asleep on their drive to my house. However, once they joined us, the group was loud and laughing. 

We played a few different games whiles talking. Boggle, Phase 10 (new to me, thx to Tina for telling me what to do) and a modernized version of Pictionary (thanks to randall for the instructions)- Guys Vs Girls! we lost! booo! I think maybe David & randall had a secret code among them because they kept getting points! hahah jk!

As i was telling Christina, this encounter could be a once in a lifetime event. I feel so blessed to have met such awesome, caring, good people as those of the BCT!! we hope our paths cross again!
LIVE in Phoenix, Az!!

just the girls, but Maverick wanted in too

Also, Tico&tina are the first official bloggers i have met IRL since I've blogging publicly this year! yeh!!!

I wish them happy trails as they continue spreading encouragement, creativity and passion to people who want to and are pursuing their dreams and making a good difference!

Friends make the world go round.


Kayla @ Inspired Kreations said...

Ahh! So exciting! I love all of them, such a fun gang! I was just as excited to meet them as you, maybe a little more haha! :D

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Oh how fun!!! I wasn't following her blog very closely at first and then when I went to see when they would be in my area, they had already come and gone, boo

Lynne said...

I'm excited for you, that must have been so much fun - I have yet to meet anyone from the "blog world" IRL...I bet it is a great feeling!

On a totally different topic - my husband has needed to drive my van for the last 3 weeks, because he has been helping out friends of ours by picking up their kids from school. I have been driving his car, which does not have a CD player. BUT, starting yesterday, it is back to the normal routine - I have the van, AND access to a CD player, and I am loving being able to listen to my mix CD as I zip (or sit at lights, ha) down the road! You did a great job! Have a fantastic week.