Monday, September 3, 2012

the day i tracked mud all over the mall

Howdy! Happy Labor Day!

What did you do today or this weekend?
I've got scenes and stuff from the weekend.

Garage sailing on a 100 degree weather day! SURE why not? I could spare to sweat some pounds off! lol. Thank you to my neighbors for selling stuff for me as well as the two floor fans to keep us cool-er in the shade of the garage. I love my neighbors, they are funny, hardworking and warm people.

Jack Black as Bernie in Bernie---genius! what an odd little movie that was apparently based on a true story. Shirley McClaine also stars. The interviews of the real towns people were HILARIOUS!

Taking advantage of Labor Day weekend sales with my mama...FABULOUS-minus the fact that I coined it as "the day i tracked mud all over the mall day". How embarassing! What could i do, really? 
snow cones & starbucks

So you see, while waiting at the bus stop for bus who happened to be running 22 minutes late, i swiveled in the only damp looking grass for better shade, not realizing that mud was sticking in my wheels. Well, basically everyone i wheeled, first at starbucks (which my mom told me and i paced and circled on the carpet at the entrance to try and get more mud off), then on the way to jcpenneys, and AT jcpenney's mud was splitting and spewing off my wheels, on the tile, on the carpet. 

At JCP, two mexican works were pointing and talking to my mom in Spanish, who doesnt know too much spanish. They thought she had mud on her shoes. After i realized what was going on, i told the lady, "oh no, es mi reudas", it's my wheels. She said, "Oh No problema" as the older man kept sweeping the carpet and tile, following me with the broom. After a bit, and i said, "lo siento senor. Chingada, eh? hahaha" I am sorry, Mr. He was laughing and just swept and stabbed at my wheels to try and get the mud off!  What a crazy time. Why didn't i take a pic?

Then as we checked out at jcp, the super sweet cashier, who was a mom probably in her late 20's, early 30's started telling us about how her son was on a trach and vent for 2 months or so when he was a baby. He is now 5 and off the vent and no trach-praise God! She said, "wow it's been a long time since ive seen a suction machine" (the grey bag i carry on my chair whenever i leave the house). It was just nice to "run" into someone who knows exactly what I go through, but also the perspective of a parent to relate to my mom as well. It's not that often that that happens. It was a lovely encounter.
and that is the story.

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A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Oh Britt! I think shopping with you would be such an adventure! We could goof off together and let every one think we are crazy!!!

Kristen said...

i am sorry to admit, but this was so cute and funny, i LOL'd for real!