Friday, September 14, 2012

reflections on 9/11

the other day, i decided it would do my soul some good to spend some quiet time outside.
It was after dinner, i grabbed my camera and sat outside on the driveway. there was a breeze and gathering clouds approaching-i knew a storm was headed our way.

The sky had alot of action going on as I spotted a vulture birdy, an orange helicopter and a jet flying to the air force base sort of nearby.

For some reason when i am sitting outside alone, i look down at my toes. They were in deperate need of being re-done! I feel like the grinch--with his long toe nails (minus the fur) after say 4-5 weeks from the last time my toes were done.

Here's two days ago:

Here's today! MUCH BETTER!

I also, thought about september 11th. I didn't do an official post. It's good that most of America and perhaps, the world, took time to remember and honor those affected that tragic day...shoot, i feel we were all affected, our country was attacked-that's personal. Our livelihood was insulted. 

To remember how UNITED we ALL were for a good month after what happened is so precious. I remember the events of 9/11 alot of different days throughout the year (not just the actual day) as that day is associated with where I was, what I was doing at that time (starting college), who I was, etc.

Honestly, every time I see an American flag posted or waving, I think back to 9/11. The vision of what i saw on tv as I sat in my bedroom getting ready to go to school; people holding hands jumping to their deaths from the upper level floors of the burning twin towers haunts me, it gets me. The American flag is a symbol, to me, of hope, opportunity, freedom, and fellowship.

Despite the horrific and sadness that that day brought, there was a tremendous out-pour of love, compassion, sacrifice, helping thy fellow neighbor that day and time thereafter here in the U.S. but also the world over. That behavior and kindness I witnessed made me think,"this is what heaven is like."

Here we are eleven years later and seems not so long ago. So much has changed in my life and in your life I am sure, since then. However, we are still standing, never losing sight of the human spirit that conquers terror and fear. Here we are still hoping for a better tomorrow in all the world {we influence each other}, for ourselves, for our families, for our children.

Let the bright sun shine through on any darken time. How could anyone deny the beauty in that?


*Katie* said...

Very nice...
Ps. Luv the toes!

Alli said...

Love purple toes! Mine area always pink or purple. :D