Saturday, September 8, 2012

arm woes

Now, a little word from this sponsor: (hahaha) to inform you of why i've been MIA and may continue to be so for another few days or few weeks?! 
omg! it's so hard to stay away from my laptop and not do any bloggy things, or respond to emails and say all that i want to say. typing with one hand is tiring and much slower than two hands! lol. this is how i stay life! ahh it'll be ok.

This week has included:
Almost no time spent online (typing at least)
No excersising my arms.
Trying to not use my left arm (wow, never realized how difficult)

on monday evening, i experienced pain in my left arm and hand. very sensitive. i somehow hurt it and don't know how. could be a combination of things such as arms/hands being in same position for HOURS a day as im usually on the computer...carpal tunnel, tendonitis, maybe stretched too much while doing my arm movement/exercises, slept wrong? who knows? 
ice ice baby

all i know is that for sure by wed, it was hurting really bad with throbbing and depending on how i move/d my arm, ouch. The first 2 days I took ibuprofen and heating pad--which didnt really help. thursday, began using ice and felt alot better. i am a baby when it comes to pain, such low tolerance. i had to take a pain pill 3 nights in a row now, so i could try and sleep. 

also, Salonpas & ice have become my best friends.

Soooo, for now, i suck at being my happy blogger self and helping my AMAZING, friend sponsors out. 
i am so behind in replying to emails and blog comments. 
{sorry, i'll get back to you as soon as i can.}

i am missing reading AND COMMENTING on all of your wonderful blogs, especially Trinity's, who is fairly new to the blog scene, natalie's, abbey's and  the sapphire bee to name a few.

i love you guys. how are you? hope all is well!!

hopefully, within the week, i'll be back to my normal & bloggin it up!

farewell, for now.

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