Tuesday, September 11, 2012

i feel pretty, Oh so pretty...dumb!

i am in no way perfect. this isn't the Stepford Wives now! hahaha. When Julie emailed me saying she was doing this new link up 50 Shades of Stupid, i was like, Oh, i am in! and then i got to thinking of stupid things i've done that left me with embarrassment or things i've said that make me sound oh so nerdy or even a space cadet, which i am and can be sometimes! :)


here's a few funnies for ya:

When i wash my face in the morning, i sometimes start driving to the garbage can in my room to "toss' my washcloth, meaning to "toss" into my hamper in my closet. 
am i awake yet!?
i think not.

I like wearing bright colored lipstick..red or bright pink, whatever..i apply it and sometimes get self-conscious because of when i smile, i unknowingly DO have lipstick on my teeth..thankfully people tell me but i wonder how many times no one told me!! I am smiling, laughing fool, thinking i'm all confident with color on my teeth! OH THANKS!

In Jr. High, maybe 8th grade, I wore my brand new white chunky sandals from Ross to school. My friend commented on that she liked them and asked me if they were new because i still had the tags on them!! I totally denied that they were THAT new because i swore i cut the tags off beforehand. I was too embarrassed to admit that i had NOT cut the tags and kept telling her no and drove away in my wheelchair lol. After a bit, i looked down and saw the tags holding the two shoes together..how did i miss that!?

So, what stupid nonsense things have you done or said? today, last week, or 10 years ago!? if you want to join in on the fun, link up! :)


Sue said...

You make me smile :) I do so many stupid things it's hard to remember them all!

Julie Marie said...

lol.. love it girl. that last one is hilarious...especially after trying to convince her they weren't new...uh. duh the tags are on!! love it!!

Claudia at Lashes and Beard said...

Lol! These are great! I sometimes try to use the car alarm clicker to unlock my front door. :-/

Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful earrings and mix cd from the giveaway! Got it in the mail yesterday and I love it! So many new artists on there for me to discover. :) Also, thanks for posting the link on your page to Gabriella's Heart. My son, who is 4 months old, has complex congenital heart disease so it's always nice to find other "heart families" out there.

ramsaygrace said...

Oh Brit, I think I may even have your shoe moment beat. I just had my birthday, telling everyone I was 39. Well, turns out I'm not. I'm 37 and would never known had my dad not heard me. I was mortified. How does someone add two years to her life, and how long have I been wrong, lol?!