Tuesday, July 9, 2013

from the holiday weekend

hey lovelies! I'm back!! So how was your 4th of July weekend? I know many people went out of town or did fun activities like swimming, hiking, playing games, bbq'ing and seeing fireworks! What did I do on the 4th? Well, I did rock the red, white & blue. And other than that, the only other thing that really made it feel like Independence day was the tasty hamburger i chowed down!(you'll understand in a minute), but i did not forget the meaning behind this special holiday: our freedom.
Freedom in this country and freedom in Christ!

By 6 p.m. I was getting tired, tired of sitting in my chair.
By 7 p.m. my back, neck and shoulders were hurting and I was so exhausted! I didn't even turn on my tv once I laid down.
By 8:15 p.m. I fell asleep! I was bummed at myself for not staying up and at least lighting sparklers that I've had sitting in a drawer since New years eve! We can kinda see some fireworks from our backyard, but I totally did not feel well.

Friday and saturday....I did some "summer" cleaning...one, sorting papers for recycle and others to the "need to shred" bag! Also, made some oatmeal chocolate chip walnut cookies for the first time! They came out yummy! [i unfortuntaly spaced to take pics, but will next time, because everyone loved them!] I've eaten four so far. Most of them, I gave away to friends. While browsing others reviews on Allrecipes.com, I learned that adding baking powder, or baking powder in general, helps the cookies to rise and not turn out flat and crispy! Wow! I had no idea!

Sunday was the best day of the 4-day weekend. I got to go to church with paco. We had such a good time. I got to hear other's testimonies, which two of them struck me. It was like God knew what I needed to hear. One of them made me teary eyed. I don't remember exactly what was said, but I believe it was divinely planned in His grand scheme of things.

So, after sunday school, paco and I waited for the  reserved bus to pick us up. We arrived, waiting a few minutes early. Our pick-up time was 3:15-3:45. At 3:40, we both went outside to wait figuring they'd be there any minute. We were both sweating and spraying ourselves with the spray bottle I had in my wheelchair pocket! lol. Well, by 3:59, I called the emergency #, which is the weekend supervisor since sundays their dispatch office is closed. Them not showing up or being that late has NEVER happened to me before in the last 5 years, so I wasn't afraid to call! I called, left a message and never heard back from them. Paco kindly waited outside in the at least 105 degree heat majority of the time to keep an eye out, poor guy. After I was out there for a while, I went back in and we agreed that if they didn't show up or call by 4:15, we were taking the city bus home. Paco called to see when the next bus came. While I was inside, I texted paco and said at 4:26, "let's go!" So we walked to the bus stop which had no bench or awning for shade, however, i was so grateful for this little scrawny tree that provided just enough shade for us! The bus came, had working a/c and we made it home without passing out!

We were laughing, ok, mostly I was laughing at the situation, while we were walking back to my house from the bus stop! Thanks to Paco for maintaining such a positive attitude in such an unfavorable circumstance, especially for the first time we've gone to church together in years.

It was a blessed weekend indeed.

Oh! and I  watched Dirty Dancing on Lifetime! a total fave!
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Amanda said...

Sometimes you just have to laugh at a situation!

Mandy Jean said...

I watched Dirty Dancing too. Love that movie!

Take Care,
Mandy Jean

holli said...

Is that Paco in your picture because he's cute!
I SERIOUSLY need you to give me tutorial on how you put your hair up like that. So cute!! I need to wear my hair up for wedding and i dont know how.
I love your dress that you wore to church.
I am sorry you didnt feel well for the 4th but glad you had good weekend. xoxo