Tuesday, July 23, 2013

chop chop karate chop

It all started with Groupon.

You know I love to save money and get good deals, so groupon is a great site that allows me to do such things. Well, maybe at the end of June or early July, they had a deal for at Toni & Guy, the pricey-to-me hair salon. The deal was a cut, style & deep-conditioning treatment for $29, valued at $70!

I had the tab opened on my laptop for two days debating on whether or not I should splurge on such a thing for myself. I justified the desicion by telling myself, "well yeh, you have spent $30 on a gel manicure, so why not do this that will last much longer!" SO I clicked purchase. I've been wanting to cut my hair differently for quite some time. I was getting tired of my long, heavy hair as well as wearing it the same way as a messy top bun ya know.

Last week, I called the make an appointment for friday. James came along with me and we got there about 20 minutes early. My hair stylist was Yvonne and she did a great job. I was sort of nervous to chop off so much, but I had confidence in these professionals!

I showed Yvonne a magazine with a couple photos of hairstyles I liked and we both agreed to not go super short otherwise it would enhance my full face.

Here's the wavy mop I started out with, the chunks of hair on the floor and the finale.
Sorry for the not the best quality photos, I forgot my camera and took these with my cell phone. My hair feels so much lighter and I like it alot, especially when styled and teased and pouffed!

a la hairspray!
I am happy with my purchase! Oh and when Yvonne was doing the final touches of my hair, I saw James in the mirror, wiping his eyes. He was tearing up because he said it looked so good! hahah. What a friend! :)

Have you ever made a drastic hair cut? Are you signed up with Groupon? What was your best deal you scored?
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Martha Woods said...

That looks so awesome!!! I keep thinking about cutting mine and then I chicken out, hehe.

chrysalis1975 said...

your hair looks beautiful :) I'm trying to grow mine out, because it wants to fall out when I'm stressed, LOL!

Pammy said...

B! Your hair looks fabulous, I love it!!

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

I love this, looks so great!

Sparkles and Shoes

Danielle said...

SO ADORABLE! I love it, girl!!