Monday, July 15, 2013

weekend news, forgiveness + eshakti promo code

SO how was everyone's weekend?

Friday + Saturday I spent making cards fulfilling an order a friend made.

I had all of my crafting stuff out all over my bed. Oh, plus my friend tessa came by saturday afternoon and we worked on decorating her binders for school (she's a teacher).

Sunday, Paco & I went to church together again. It was so great. A handful of people came up to me to introduce themselves and I did a better job at remembering people's names lol. Paco and I were both not as nervous as the week before. One of things spoken at church was about forgiveness and being offended. The message spoke personally to me as I have been going through a situation regarding these topics.

How can I hold anger at someone who I let offend me with their comments, when Jesus gave up his life me for all of my sin and for the entire world? He made it possible for me to be forgiven. He made it possible for me to have eternal life. He made a way for the way.

Forgiving someone and letting go of hurt isn't easy. I know.
But it is possible and it can be done. I feel like I need to forgive and make peace with the situation/person because it's weighing me down. I truly believe God wants us to enjoy life but to also remain in harmony with our brothers and sisters.

Today-James and I went to see the Lone Ranger. The only reason I wanted to see it was because of Johnny Depp! I'll say that it was entertaining for sure with some funny moments. Would I want to see it again? Probably not, but it was a good time for a mental escape. Plus, I enjoyed having company.

And one little last bit of news:
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holli said...

Those cards are so cute and you look so happy with PACO at church. Isnt it crazy how certain sermons seem like they are directly speaking to us. I've even looked around before like are people looking at me because he's clearly talking about me.
Miss you !!

chrysalis1975 said...

love the cards :) I so love giving and receiving cards---I actually collect them! You & Paco look happy to be going to church. I do so enjoy sermons that give me what I truly need for the week :) HUGS!


Martha Woods said...

Looks like you had a great weekend!! Isn't it wonderful how sometimes just when you need a message, it comes to you?


Hope you had a great weekend.

If you had someone offend you thru comment that's just hate. You've above them and I'm sure you're very strong willed.


found you thru another blog.

would love for you to come check me out

I'm gonna follow you. cant wait to read more of your blogs