Tuesday, July 30, 2013

the story of a bird that flew into my life

Yesterday started out as a typical day. Nothing too crazy going on. I had my plans, which consisted of making some cards for a couple people as well as typing up a blog post.

I had a lingering migraine since early morning and so after breakfast, I took an aleve, came back to my room to take a little nap waiting for my migraine to go away. Around 1130 A.M. I started getting to work. After the kids and I cleaned up our mess, little P and I went to get the mail around 2 p.m.

Since there was been rainfall some nights in the past week, there are muddy puddles near our mailbox. So as we are approaching, I see a bird stuck in the mud! The closer I got to it, I could tell that it was injured and probably got ran over a bit because he/she was still alive, barely breathing. My eyes began to tear up as I thought how I could him/her. Little P and I came back to the house, which Little P yelled, "Tia, Tia, can you help us!? There's a little bird stuck in the mud outside."

Actually, Little P's mom, Maria, went out and picked up the bird for me. She brought it in and washed off the mud in the bathroom sink (she totally put gloves on and is recommended if you are ever wanting to help a fallen bird.) Anyways, after that she wrapped him up in a paper towel and handed him to me. I held him close to my chest and examined him.

His right wing was injured as there was a pink bald, burned looking spot, where there should have been feathers. The very front of his beak looked chipped as he/she was also bleeding more inward there. His right eye was totally closed the entire time I "watched" him and he/she would sometimes open their left eye. The top of their head was also burned/bald looking.

Oh our hearts just dropped for this baby. I have no idea how old this bird may have been, but he/she was very lightweight. In reality I know there wasn't much I could do to help him/her, but there was just no way I could leave him/her outside stuck in the mud to burn to death in the sun and heat beating down on them.

I made a MAJOR mistake of giving it water to drink. I learned this after I googled "how to help an injured bird."

You may think you are hydrating them, helping them of thirst but no. Actually "forcing" water into them, well that water can go straight to their lungs :( :( double sad face. this is because at the very back of their beak, the liquid goes straight to their lungs.

The other mistake I did was while still in the paper towel, I set him on a towel, thinking it would be softer and more comfortable. Wrong again. The information I found said to get a shoebox size (open) and place several tissues inside to help the bird feel like it's in a nest. So we did that. Plus, an injured bird needs silence and darkness.

Little P and I both prayed and prayed for this little bird.
However, as a few hours passed, I could tell the bird was declining. His breaths were more shallow and he was bleeding more.

James came in my room to discover our friend. We talked about what to do. It just made more sense to help ease the transition of life to death for this baby who was suffering. I told James there is no way I can do it. I can't physically hurt him, run him over, etc. We thought, it's more humane this way, right, as difficult as it was?

James took the box outside and waited, because  1. it was beginning to smell 2. birds do have diseases, bugs, etc. not the most sanitary thing.
James mustered the courage to help this bird along to birdie heaven if there is one.

We said our goodbyes.

Some people might laugh at this story and think, pshh it's just a dirty bird. There are thousands of them everywhere, what's the loss of one?

But this bird to me was special. He/she was hurting.
They were an innocent living thing that was at the wrong place at the wrong time.
This bird was one of God's precious creatures.
The bird symbolized life to me as well as being sensitive to life itself, even if that's in the form of a brown, cream and black bird.

I loved you, even for your last few hours.
I hope I helped you feel somewhat comforted.

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Martha Woods said...

Aw, I totally cried reading this. I am such a softie :( I've also found injured birds in the yard and it just kills me to see them suffer!! I always hope they felt somehow that we were trying to help and care for them at the end. I always tell myself all animals go to heaven when they die, because after all otherwise heaven wouldn't be a very heavenly place <3

still being [molly] said...

awww this is such a sweet and precious story! i love your heart!!

holli said...

I'm hoping that theres not anyone who would think your reaction over a bird was silly! You have a beautiful heart and this bird is also one of God's creatures. You did the right thing and gave it comfort in its last hours.
A coworker found a bat that was very sick in her yard and she also picked it up and dropped it off at a vet. You have a wonderful heart! xoxo

Chelsee W said...

Omgsh..poor bird!!


Yea I'm in tears now. Poor thing. that's really sad! animals are so precious no matter what kind they are. at least you were there to help and comfort and just try to be there for it.