Wednesday, July 31, 2013

wwc: what we cooked

hey friends! As some of you know, in blogworld, Wednesday is dedicated to fashion and what you wore, but I thought I'd change things up a bit and do a "what we cooked" post.

Now one could totally do a what I baked, what I made, etc. Doesn't even have to be about food! Well, Paco came over yesterday and he shares a love for crepes with me. I've been talking about wanting to eat crepes for months now. I got slightly jealous when Paco was in cali and he told me he had eaten some crepes back in April! The only other person I know who makes them is my stepmom.

After texts back and forth the day before, we settled that he would cook some and demonstrate how he makes them, as maria and I both wanted to learn.

totally sportin my apron! lol. what a guy!
We used this recipe from I love this website and has been a definite go-to for years! I didn't twerk it, except to double the batter which made about 15 crepes, though I'd like to add vanilla and cinnamon to that batter next time ;)

You could use crepes for breakfast, lunch or dinner with different fillings...
totally up to you!
We decided to have em more as a breakfast food.

I cut up strawberries and we placed those on top of a spread of cream cheese in the center of each crepe. (BTW the Nice brand of cream cheese at Walgreens is on sale for $1.29 this week til saturday!) Then just fold each side to the center and walllahhh--you have a beautiful presentation!

You could add whip creme and more berries of your choice, or even powdered sugar.
Paco did such a good job at making them. {thank you mr.! ;)}We sure enjoyed them. I was spoiled yesterday.

 Mmm most delicious crepes! 

Here's my top order of starchy breakfast foods:
French Toast

What's on the top of your list out of those? If you like crepes, how do YOU eat them? As a breakfast food, dessert or as a meal for dinner with beans or meat and vegetables?

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Wendy May said... is a great place to go for cooking know-how. I have to make those crepes! I've never made them, only ate them in Paris :) yum!

Thanks for sharing a good idea. I like your WWC for Wednesday.

holli said...

I love crepes! I eat them with butter and syrup and powdered sugar but Todd eats jelly on his.
French toast is my next favorite.

Chelsee W said...

I read all the time about must tell me who this is lol