Monday, July 22, 2013

weekend recap + (giveaway!)

WoW! Another week gone by!
I feel sort of bad that I haven't really blogged for more than once a week lately. (sad face).
I even miss the more frequent posts and substance-filled writings. I don't know when things will calm down, but I hope to eventually get back to writing and posting better quality content.

Life has been mostly good for me lately. Who wants to hear about complaints all the time? Nope, not me. Everyday last week I had something positive going on. After I type this blog post, I'm going to FINALLY get caught up on my note writings and tending to emails.

So here's the scoop on how my weekend went and make sure to read further down as Chelsee from Southern Beauty Guide put together a FABULOOUSS GIVEAWAY that yours truly is participating in once again! :)

I'm leaving out friday because that deserves its own post! ;)

Saturday: A wonderful afternoon spent with my mama. We had Rubio's for lunch. We both got the blackened tilapia taco plate and it was oh-so-yummy! I am sure you are tired of me raving about them! haha. As delicious as they were, the cook made them a bit too peppery/too both my mom and I could only eat one taco. My nose started to run and my lips were burning! lol. We talked the entire time and just caught up with everything. Plus, my mom did my toes for me and now i feel so much better. Nothing like good mother-daughter bonding time!

Later that evening, Paco & J-bird (she's 12) & I went to an outdoor concert. The band played a variety of covers like from Chicago, Seal and Santana. They were great at interacting with the crowd. A couple young guys break-danced and there was a cute elderly couple enjoying the show together. It was fun!

J-bird got a snowcone and after the last song, due to the incoming lightening storm, the band quit playing and we headed to get some food/snacks. Thankfully it didn't storm where we were, but where my mom lives was storming so bad! She was worried about us but I assured her that we were prepared with an umbrella, 2 large garbage bags and one plastic walgreens bag to cover certain parts of my wheelchair, plus Paco said he didn't mind getting wet. After we got back and Paco headed home, I got into bed. J-bird and I stayed up talking and looking at a bridal magazine til 11:15 p.m.

Sunday: I got to go to church with my one of my besties, C and a friend of hers joined us as well. It was funny because we literally were walking and singing in the rain on the way to church. We thankfully had umbrellas as they both covered me with them. The temperature was lovely! At church, we might have been slightly disappointed that there really wasn't much of a gospel message, but the worship time and the music was awesome. I actually found two of the songs today and added them to my playlist on spotify including:

One thing remains by Passion ft. Kristian Standfill
Our God by Chris Tomlin

After we got back from church, the friends went to pick up Paradise Bakery for lunch. We ate and chatted for a bit and took pictures of course!

I love C's hair and her dress!

After C left, my stomach started giving me sharp pains again! I put my heating pad on and had to take a pain pill. It was doing this to me on thursday night as well. I must have the heating pad on for at least 3 hours. I laid in bed while reading a magazine and then went to sleep.

And here we are on this wonderful, partly-cloudy Monday! I am feeling good so far. Even if it's partly-cloudy in your life, may the sun shine brightly upon you. Loves! and Goodluck if you enter the giveaway!

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