Friday, June 15, 2012

friday's letters #1

I'm linking up with ashley of adventures of newlyweds for friday's letters. it's my very first friday's letters post!! I've seen this being done many a time throughout blogland and always wanted to it and here's another friday, praise God! and im finally getting it done!! There are just so many fun linkups and great inspiration for posts, but i can only choose one at a time. so alas the letters it is because well, i think handwritten letters are wonderful and so this theme it is!


Dear Dad, sorry i missed you yesterday when you were in the area. i thought my phone was on vibrate and when i checked my phone i saw it was on silent-no wonder i didn't get your calls! See you on monday after golf! (i'll present your present for father's day!)

Dear ziggy, you are seriously one of the cutest dogs ever! I love your stubby muscle-y arms & legs. I am so happy that your mama Lynda adopted you! You are a sweetie!

Dear smoothies, I love you! you're so delicious, refreshing and healthy. Even just drinking a small cup of you makes my tummy full. i love that! cheers to making my immune system more strong!

Dear goodwill, you kinda sucked yesterday! I was hoping to find a dress or skirt in my size but no. the only ones that  were there were uglay and i wasn't about to spend $10 on one that i know i could get and be cute @f21 or oldnavy for just a few dollars more. However, you redeemed yourself by offering me a good book that i know i will love, for cheap.

Dear wrist, could you please stop hurting. I have alot of typing and writing to do. Ya know i love letter writing and having to stop to take breaks & stretch is annoying.

Dear Miranda & Blake, I think you two are such a hot country couple! I have a new likeness for you ever since I saw Behind the Music featuring you Miranda. It made me want to go buy your albums now. I also love that you started MuttNation Foundation. I don't know you, but i am so happy that you two are together!


kendra said...

I've been wanting to do Friday letters for awhile too, maybe one of these days :)
Btw I nominated you for the sunshine award!

Julie Marie said...

i love friday letters. ive done that a few times. i fun way to type out what i am actually thinking =)
and i love miranda and blake too ;)
so nice to meet you, new friend...

Becca Acker said...

Hello Britt! I just found you via Tico and Tina. Read your inspirational post there. I pray God opens doors for you and amazes you in your life! You sound like a wonderful godly woman. Following!

Kelly said...

Oh I like Miranda and Blake together too!! Girl we saw Blake in concert last year and he was a mess though! HI-LARIOUS!! The guys was 12 SHEETS to the wind! Forget 3 sheet! LOL! He was good though!

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

i love miranda and blake too! found you via the link up xo

alex said...

These are pretty great, your blog is an inspiration.. really. Your outlook on life is just something to look up to! I am so glad I found your blog(:

Amanda Faith said...

That pup is so cute! I love when I find good things at Goodwill!