Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love for Sue and NieNie

Noticed anything new around here? I am so behind in things I've been wanting to mention! Please excuse me! lol.

Well, about a week and a half ago, one of my bloggy bffs, Sue of As it seems, installed a new nav bar, made me a blog button with picture & text and made up my one -of -a- kind signature! I absolutely love them!

and if you didn't know, she is the beauty & brains behind As It Seems Designs where she makes custom blog designs and add-ons to make your blog pretty! And i have to say her prices are reasonable! 

I wanted to give Sue a little love and thank you shout out! She did a great job! I love you Sue! :)

I also wanted to let you know that I bought & read the book, "heaven is here" by Stephanie Nielson. I read it in two days a couple weekends ago. OMG. It was so heartfelt and a true testimony  that miracles are real. I've been a reader of Stephanie's blog, the nieniedialogues for nearly 4 years now and I knew alot about her already from she's shared on there, but you feel like you know her even more by reading her book.

She writes about her life prior to the plane crash accident (august 2008 in arizona) in which she suffered 80% burns on her body, her hubby Christian 30% burns and their friend & pilot passed away. She writes about her first waking moments from her medically induced coma, her hospital stay and recovery for the year after the accident. It just amazes me how she strong she is and how wonderful a person she is despite what has happened to her and her family. She chooses to have joy and share hope. Even though we've never met in person,  she has definitely influenced my life.

There were moments when I thought, "how was she able to remember all these little details, going back and writing about it?!"and  "She writes so well!" There were times while reading that i knew exactly what she was going through. You're right, I haven't been in a plane crash and i havent been burned, but ive been in the hospital for months. I've had to rely on others to help me go potty and wipe my bum. I've had a PICC line and had an infection from it. I've been depressed and I've been in pain (physically and emotionally). I've had my life completely change in a day.

I feel like I relate to Stephanie in alot of ways. Her faith is a bright spot in her life and she's around my age.While reading the book, I teared up at least three times. it just tugged at my heartstrings. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out.

Sometimes, i literally feel like my world is crumbling or that i'm not good enough and i feel despair. Maybe you have felt that way before too? i haven't had it easy all my life as i'm sure and know everyone faces struggles, but there is always someone who has it tougher than you. and there is always hope and the fact that you're never alone. I just need to remember this when I am having a self-pity party!

I highly recommend this book for inspiration. It's a great  example of the power our minds have in deciding on what kind of outlook on life to have (which makes a huge difference) and the power our hearts have in choosing the way we live our gift of life.

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Sue said...

So here I am catching up on my blog reading because I SUCK and had too many things going on in my life to sit down and read (boo!) and I see this. You're too dang cute Britt! I just adore you.