Tuesday, June 26, 2012

groopdealz & crying from laughing

Have you ever heard of groopdealz? I love this site because they bring you boutique goods for a great discount! SO many small, creative independent biz owners are featured with their cute items for sale. Anyways, i "like" groopdealz on facebook and am signed up to receive their emails. I just found out that they are a having a giveaway for a fancy Nikon camera!! Only 4 more hours left!!OH WOW!! this would be so neat to win, but i'm posting about it so you can enter &  maybe win!! :) AS one of the entries, they asked to embed the giveaway on your (my) blog and so ive never done this w/the rafflecopter widget so hopefully it works right!?

also, have you ever laughed so hard that you were crying? i do this allllll the time! I started using a new mascara about three weeks ago-L'oreal waterproof collagen volume (something like that) it's in a black tube with teal lettering. today was the first day that i cried with it on and it DID NOT past the test. the mascara was running down my face and im so glad i had tissue in my purse to wipe away the black. This product is DEF not waterproof..but depsite that let down, i had a great time laughing at James who was so in character playing a blind person while we were at the store as we waited at the entrance for the bus to pick us up.

out & about
We did a video recording of the matter, it was more like a social experiment..we did not mean to offend anyone and had no intention of making fun of disabled (i mean i am, hello!) or blind people. I'm not sure whether or not i'll post the video? I don't want to be insenstive to others AT ALL.With hardships anyone faces, especially those with long term illnesses or disability-i think a sense of humor is vital and makes a huge difference! It was just cracking me up so much i had to turn around and not see James. We had so much fun with this spontaneous event. what was interesting was that other shoppers were staring at james, not me. He had a stick to help feel where he was going and he had his sunglasses on INSIDE the store. We (me and our little friend J) were directing him. This one girl in her early 20's was with a group of other women, & as they were collecting their bags, the girl was gawking at him with a look of wonder on her face like, "oh wow" or "is he ok?", etc. I told James, i feel like we are on one of those Candid camera shows or something.  
I was imaginging people as they did their double takes saying:

"so there's a girl in a wheelchair & a blind man taking care of a child? how do they get along?"

"the disabled woman & child leading the blind, what the?"

OH my! hahahah just makes me laugh.

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A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Brit, you are way to funny! You guys sound like my friends and I at times.