Monday, June 25, 2012

target, brave, sister wives, oh my!

hello darlings, what a busy past few days!! 

On viernes- friday, I went to see Brave with my caregiver and her two daughters. Animated movies are usually not my first pick, but I was pleasantly surprised that Brave was better than I expected. I liked that although Merida (the main character) is a princess, there wasn't a prince or marriage at a young age and not certainly not your traditional happily-ever-after script. And i was not disappointed at that fact either!While there wasn't a prince there also was no predominant "other bad guy"..yes, there was conflict, but the true conflict was more internal. I recommend seeing Brave as there are universal truths that even adults will appreciate. Toward the end of the movie, all four of us girls, age range from 34 years old- 4 years old were crying! hahahah.

little bird P was getting cranky, hence the no smile

We also stopped by Victoria's secret and man oh man, got some good deals with their semi-annual sale going on!! Not sure how much longer it is, but i want to go back later this week to grab some more shower gel for $2.50!? um yes please!!

Sabado-saturday, plans finally came true for me and my good friend elisa. We were both so happy to be feeling better! we had plans for last thursday, but we both ended up getting a little sick & cancled plans. Wed night was a terrible night for me with vent problems and then stomach issues which = very little sleep! Thursday, i slept alot!
oh, hello pharmacist

we saved 5 cents bringing our own bags!

 So saturday, we ventured for lunch at jack in the box and i treated myself to peach tea! and then we went to Target where I got a few things, including a really cute dress with a slightly open back on clearance (tried it on last night and fits great!) I was in dire need of hair color so with it being on sale & my two coupons [$5 off 2 manufacturer & $3 off 2 Target store coupon], i got two boxes of clairol's natural instincts for about $6, making them $3 each!

girl on the go, ft. tote bag by through the eyes of the mrs.

When i go out, leaving the house, i must take two different bags that carry my medical supplies with me. The grey bag holds my suction machine, saline bullets, extra inner cannulas, suction catheters, gauze and a cable for the car/vehicle to power the vent JUST IN CASE..if you don't know what im talking about, i'll talk about these supplies in another post. ANDDD my new tote bag with fabric flowers was handmade by Beth of Through the eyes of the Mrs. I won this bag & a pair of super cute yellow rosette earrings about a month ago from a giveaway on Much, love illy's blog! When i received the tote, i first thought that i'd gift it,but then James & i realized that my amboo bag (for emergency resuscitation/keep-me-breathing in the event the vent dies or malfunctions) would FIT into this bag and it all did perfectly (extra tubing circuit too)!! i was so excited!! I HAD to take a pic so i could show Beth! :)

Then yesterday-domingo-sunday, i visited with elisa again for a little bit. she stopped by to drop something off and we planned to go to the movies later this week to see Snow White & the Huntsmen. Did you know that Mirror, Mirror with Julia Roberts comes out on tuesday!!? I saw that in the Target ad, and couldn't believe it's gonna be out on dvd already! My cousin Alexis, she lives in New york called me too and we chatted for a short while because she was in a car with a bunch of her friends and told her to call me later. Teenagers. Last night, i promised that i would call my aunt marsha and i did. we talked for at least a good half-hour. It was so nice to chat with her & get caught up on the latest happenings. She is an avid reader and enjoys reading at night in the comfort of her bed, just like me! 

My night ended with me indulgently watching the season finale of sister wives. I personally could not live a polygamist lifestyle. They are like normal people with the exception of one husband, four wives! They shop at Target, and the teenage girls and moms all have modern hairstyles, clothes and all the wives wear makeup unlike the closely associated FLDS people that live in compounds that we've heard of the news with Warren Jeffs as their leader...the Brown family is NOT like that AT ALL!! Their family dynamic and culture just interests me. I only lasted til about 10:15 and i went to sleep, was too tired to stay up til 11 to see the rest of the show...

and so, that's where I am. Writing about my weekend now and possibly watching Breaking Dawn pt. 1 later with james while enjoying a skinny cow? 

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p.p.s i just realized that i mentioned Target like three different times in this post! lol


TicoTina said...

oh man, I am always SO fascinated by Sister Wives. I think I must have not watched any of this season yet! sounds like you had a great weekend! =)

Sarah Fontenot said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I totally know what you are dealing with when you go out. Peyton is 6 and in a wheelchair. We have the same grey back with suction unit (x2...we got a spare when the first one nearly died). We also have to have the saline, suction stuff, deep suction supplies, etc. She doesn't have a trach. Without that equipment...oh, I don't even want to think about that! Then there's the extra bags to hold all the general supplies - diapers, wipes, chux pads, etc. Fun fun!! :) I love your new tote bag!!

Alli said...

I don't usually like animated movies either, but people keep telling me Brave is good so maybe I should get in there to see it!

Lena @ Mom2MemphisAndRuby said...

wow! You were a busy girl!
I'm jealous that you have one of Beth's totes! ;)

Danette Dillon said...

I love Target and that bag is SUPER cute! ;)