Thursday, June 7, 2012

dj put a record on

While on twitter this morning, a conversation sparked and then sweet Noel of Noel's Beautiful Life and I were tweeting back and forth about music and types we like/dislike and that is where this post came from. Thanks Noel for the idea!

In reference to my post title, i HAD to share this video with you! It is an all-time fave of mine of Madonna's that makes me want to shake it lol (not in public though!) , plus, i can't resist "holiday" but we'll save that video for another special day!!
I absolutely love "discovering" new tunes. I usually seem to find these little treasures from music played during a tv show I like, for example, on Parenthood or One Tree Hill. Orrrr, i even read recommendations from People magazine. Lately, I've heard at least three songs that i have downloaded and played over and over ( one of them is #1 on the list) on tv commercials advertising some product or brand..i think way cool. That's the only reason i may even like commercials, because of the songs, otherwise im flicking the channel like quick.

Here's a list of my current favorites that are on repeat, in no particular order:

1. ho hey-the lumineers
2. free like you make me- cary brothers
3. hold on & hang loose- alabama shakes
4. your life is now-john mellencamp
5. manifesto-the city harmonic
6. round and round & it's time -imagine dragons
7. when we were young-lucy schwartz
8. halfway home-tribes
9. take heart-hillsong united
10. when my time comes-dawes
11. scavenger-  school of seven bells
12. chicago-sufjan stevens
Maybe you've heard some of them, maybe you haven't, either way, maybe you'll find a new fave. Most of the songs fall into the indie rock/singer-songwriter/christian realm or whatever you'd like to classify them as. This is the kind of music that moves my soul, that speaks to my heart where i just lovveeee it and feel happy. And i'd like to add that I do enjoy other types of music including: country, oldies, bluegrass, folk, pop, hip-hop, it all just depends ya know.

So friends, tell me what are your current songs on repeat!? I'd like to know what makes your ears happy because i always like checking out songs/music that I've never knew or heard of. Thanks! :)

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Kelley @ said...

Great list of songs! :)

Anonymous said...

I love Madonna!! LOL

Amanda said...

Man, I'm a country girl..
SO my must plays right now are..
Kip More-"Something Bout a Truck"
and Little Big Town-"Pontoon"

I'm also loving Maroon 5's new one. "Payphone" and Justin Beiber "Boyfriend". Bahaha.