Monday, June 18, 2012

high school senior no more

last saturday was my little sister's high school graduation party! what a special event!

 it took me all day to prepare. I usually have to do the following whenever im going to be away from the house more than four hours! we (me and james, my partner in rime) left around 3:30 the taxi picked us up. it took about 50 mins to get there. I woke up, got ready, ate breakfast and then came back in my room to charge my ventilator and battery that powers my vent. The battery alone with last about 5-6 hours from the time it's plugged in, so i knew i had to charge for at least 4 hours. I did my makeup while charging and then Sofia, one of my caregivers, did my hair. Around 3 p.m. i went potty(because i can't go at my dad's house, the bathroom's too tight and need 2 people to lift me) and changed into my dress. i stopped charging and started gathering all the things i needed to take with me that i WROTE A LIST for!!

Breathing machine/meds
Camera WITH battery (because i totally forgot the battery last summer when i went to a good friend's wedding!)
gift bags
backpack with power box for the vent(just in case)
spare battery for vent 
portable ramp (to get into the house)

Then around 3:20 the taxi came and James started loading my stuff. And off we went! 

My family did such a good job of decorating the house and backyard for the party! I didn't take a pic of the yard though :( My stepmom made handmade lasagne & spinach rolls (ooh so yummy!) and we had salad & bread as sides, plus cake later.

Sister J made three memory boards with a bunch of pictures from when she was a baby to now. Talk about flashbacks and fun memories! She also made a cute cardboard box for her guests to drop cards in.
sister j & sam. went to school together since kindergarten & our neighbors!!

Alot of family came too including my stepmom's brother & sister-in-law from Texas and my stepmom's dad, my step-grandpa T who i hadnt seen in like 2 years! He LOVES downton abbey too!! oh! I enjoyed talking with alot of family and neighbors! I miss them so much!
grandpa t
bubba bro, grandpa H & nat

My sister also had a friend stop by who couldn't make it to her party w/all their friends later (after the family party). She was really sweet. As i was leaving, a bunch of my sister's friends were arriving and i quickly was introduced to at least 10 of her friends, boom boom boom! they seemed like they were gonna have alot of fun and later, my dad told me the last person to leave was around 1:30am! partayyy!

It was so nice to visit with everyone. the last hour went by so fast. i can't believe how grown up my little sister is and is now graduated and gonna start college! it's so awesome. We'll be celebrating my brother's grad in two years! Time flies by!


Danette Dillon said...

I'm glad you had a good time!

Pammy said...

yay b i'm glad that you were able to make it to your sister's graduations!

kendra said...

Yay for your sis! It's so cool that she has a best friend that she was able to attend school with for all those years.