Sunday, April 21, 2013

allergy related & choosing love

So here's a little update. I got a new laptop!!! However, it won't be ready to go til *hopefully this coming Wednesday! I can't wait to get back to blogging and replying to ya'lls emails too! I am excited because it has a built-in webcam which my Toshiba did not and with that i'll get to google hangout with a couple friends in the near future!

I am able to type out this blog post thanks to Sofia, who is letting me borrow her laptop for today. With this reason, I won't get to show you any fancy pictures or quality what i wore outfits lol... Wow, this past week has been an interesting one.

Ever have those weeks where the days sort of mush together?

Well, that's how I felt since last tuesday. On wednesday night, roughly around 2am, my physical state began to decline. The high pitched sound of me wheezing & with deep ugly congestion woke me up = breathing treatment time.

All of Thursday was skating through the day as I felt pretty worn out and my lungs still not feeling super. Our Arizona air quality sucks right now and the news weather people advise those with respiratory/allergy problems to stay inside as much as possible this week.
You know what that means? It means that Brittany is going to turn into Bubble Girl.

I am going to to stay inside ALL of this week...with the exception of going out to get the mailbox with my wheelchair on turboooo speed! The less time of exposure to the outside elements the better. On friday I got a new bottle of 100 mini tabs of generic benedryl and I've taken at least 3 per day since then. I ain't playin' around with these itchy eye, nasal draining causin scratchy throat fools!

I took 2 bene's this morning as I got to go to church today!...the Catholic church with my friend Tessa! It was so nice to attend church even though I didn't feel 100% at "home." You could say I'm still in search of my spiritual home, even though I believe you don't need to have a certain church building to connect with your Creator or God or Heavenly Father.

You may have read my about me section of this blog and know that I am not one specific religion.

I, however, LOVE going to church to worship with all kinds of different people on the same basis of faith.

I haven't been to ANY church in nearly 2 years.

Maybe I felt overwhelmed?
Maybe I felt awkward when I didn't know what to say in response during the Mass.

Some of the wording has changed  as from what I remembered

Priest: Peace be with you
Congregation: And also with you something along the lines of "and with the Holy Spirit."


I mostly mouthed the words to the songs because the notes that singers were hitting were on the verge of Opera lol (THAT'S OK! SHE CAN SING) and trying to sing while being on the ventilator is tricky.

It seemed today's visit was merely taking it all in again.

I smiled at the elderly men dressed in the freshly ironed slacks & slight hunchbacks.
I smiled at the ladies who donned lipstick and heels.
I smiled at the sweet, innocent, wide eyed children who simply followed their parents to sit down.
I smiled inside at the guy who looked like he could be Willi's brother (duck dynasty.)

I chose to partake of communion and remember Christ's sacrifice for me. I did find peace & comfort in that knowledge. I am loved. So are you. SO much we can't fathom...unless you're a parent you'd understand to some degree.

my favorite part of church today was the homily where the priests gives a talk based on scripture that was read..which in today's message touched based from Revelation 7:17 that,

For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters: and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes.

There will be a day soon, when Christ returns and God will wipe away our tears. all the pain & despair will vanish! What a beautiful truth!

Sometimes evil things happen (just this week look at what happened in Boston, MIT or in West, Texas) and we wonder why our loved ones or even ourselves have to suffer? Where is God in all of the madness?

The priest suggested that maybe these bad things happen so that WE the body of Christ, can be there to help others as healers and as comforters. That we can take a stand and NOT LET evil win. That we can wipe away some tears. Through us, through the goodness of humanity, God works his miracles, his goodness, his mercy, his love.

Because of His promises there is hope.

Even in the midst of chaos or confusion, God is there. This message helped me as I have been reeling in my own slight chaos. God is my light and even through my friend Tessa, he has shown me my attidue has not been so chipper. He's shown me through Tessa that it's not as bad as I think. That there is always a glimmer of hope in all situations.

Let us choose love always.

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still being [molly] said...

beautiful post, britt <3

Nicole @ Mendez Manor said...

Hi there - I found you through the aloha Friday blog hop last week and I am a new follower! I just spent a few minutes looking through your blog and I really enjoy reading. I hope you stop by and check out my blog too!