Monday, April 15, 2013

monday monday with mandy jean chic + giveaway

Happy Monday everyone!! How was your weekend?

I seriously woke up yesterday at 7:40AM, got dressed and all that jazz, ate breakfast, looked at the Target, Walgreens and JCP ads and came back to my room to fall asleep at my laptop desk. That was around 10Am and didn't wake up until 11:30 with saliva drool on my chin, down the side of my mouth.
attractive, huh!? hahahah

Well, I hope you don't feel blue because I have a treat for you!

We're gonna kick off this new, glorious week of April with fashionable, beautiful, funny & honest Mandy of Mandy Jean Chic! She is one of my fabulous sponsors this month but through exchanged emails recently, I honestly feel like I am making a good friend!

She's a makeup + animal lover too (five furbabies!!) just look to my right sidebar -----& and see one of her adorable dogs! look at those eyes!! (LOVE him!) Mandy describes her place online as: 
Mandy Jean Chic is a lifestyle blog from New Mexico.  I post about fashion, beauty, diy projects to Bloodhounds.  if it is Chic you will find it on Mandy Jean Chic. 

Mannnn, I wish I could wear heels like those!
Anyways, here's a fun Q&A with Mandy Jean Chic.

1. Mandy, since you are a fellow fashion lover, what is your go to outfit? any color combos you're loving?

My go to outfit is relaxed boyfriend jeans, a tee, pink blazer and leopard flats ;)  For some reason I always grab these jeans from Target and I wear them constantly!  

I am totally obsessed right now with navy and coral!!!  Love this color combo!!

2. What is your favorite quality about your husband & why?

He is passionate about his job.  He is law enforcement and it is a job i could never do.  Brett also is a huge animal lover.  He will do almost anything to help an animal in need.  He also watches Golden Girl re-runs with me and laughs!!!  Can't get much better than that!!

He hates being photographed!  He is like bigfoot, LOL!!

3. What are your fave sweet treats?

Runts!!  They are the best candy ever!  Except for the banana ones.  I will save those for hubby.
4. What is a book you are currently reading? Do you even enjoy reading? lol

I am not currently reading any books.  My life has been so busy the last two months.  Hopefully after Monday things will settle back down and I can pick up a book.  I do enjoy reading!  I love books based on historical events.  My all time favorite book is the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.  If you love history pick up this book!! 

5. Favorite post you've written in the last 3 months?

My favorite post in the past 3 months hands down is my Pallet Wall Bathroom.  I love the outcome and best part it was FREE!!! 

6. top 3 movies you can watch over & over again?

UP, Grumpy Old Men and Despicable Me.  I sorta want a minion!

7. what is something random we wouldn't know about you by reading your blog?

That is a great question.

My blog is an open book for me.  I am a very open person and I enjoy meeting other bloggers and followers.  I love answering emails and engaging with people from around the world.

Something you may not know about me by reading my blog is I constantly think about just dropping everything and moving to a new city, country, state, down the street, you name it.  It is not that i am unhappy or anything I just love adventures!  Currently I am wanting to drop everything and move to Hawaii.  This could have something to do with the hours I spend watching Hawaii Life on HGTV :)
Well thank you girl for allowing us to get to know you a bit better! I actually loved watching Despicable Me too! Those little minions crack me up with their minion language! lol.

Mandy is KINDLY giving away a $10 giftcard to Ulta that one of you beauties will win!

Now, didn't this news make your monday?! :)


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feel free to say hello, thank you, i love you, let's go shopping at target together, etc to Mandy via one of her social media outlets and let her know you came from Sunny Tales & Happy Mail! :)

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Martha Woods said...

Great giveaway! Mandy is such a sweet person. I love that comment about her husband being like bigfoot, lol, but I can't really say anything since I'm camera shy too!!!

Lynne said...

My weekend was great! Lots of family time, so hooray for that.

Have to say, I had never heard of Ulta, so I checked them out on line first.......if I'm the winner, my niece is going to get some goodies from there.....she just actually had a birthday....

Have a great week Britt, Mandy, and all who comment here!