Tuesday, April 30, 2013

having a laptop does make my world go round

Hello my friends, Brittany is finally back from a near two week unintended break! (yes, i just referred to myself in the third person.)  Ya'll know that my laptop died and I got my new one TODAY!!

I've been spending the past several hours, since approximately 9:30 this morning getting acquainted with it..Thankfully, Jim, who is my nurse sandy's hubby, is a computer guru and helped me a ton getting this baby all set up!

I am now happily typing on my black, sleek Lenovo and getting used to this touchpad that keeps making a part of the windows 8 screen tiles pop-up---grrrr.

 I downloaded itunes, authorized this laptop, moved my most current photos into their own folders by date, uploaded my camera's software to make it easier for me on future photo uploads AND now just getting to type this 'welcoming me back to my online life' post! haha

It feels so nice to have ALL of my stuff---downloads, new blog buttons I made just before my Toshiba died, photos and music all reachable within a few clicks let alone in ONE place!

You remember that I have been sick for over a week with an upper respiratory infection?

humor helps, with a little help from my little friends that drew on me on tape
After the weekend of still not feeling 100%, we called my dr's office & he prescribed me with another round of different antibiotics that I am taking twice a day for 7 days. Today is day 2 of that. I am still continuing taking cough medicine that is pretty darn strong and getting rest & chuggin water. Since last thursday, I've napped 4 out of 6 of those days!! Like I was telling my friend Holli, i've been lazy bones & just hoping that those cherished little naps help kick this sickness out of me!

It seems that this past week has just taken so much out of me.
I don't want to be sick,
and then I think, better to be sick now and get it over with so I am healthy for my future planned mini-vacation!

It could be worse, as my mom pointed out that it's a blessing that i do not have pneumonia!
Praise God!

With everyone's prayers, I know I can kick this thing and be back to my bubbly self *hopefully soon.

So yeh, today was a good day.

laptop, check!
feeling a bit better & with energy, check!
typing this post, double check!
the start of getting back into the swing of things, check!
reconnecting with bloggy buddies, check! :)

How was your day?

Thank you for sticking with me as life happens and how I've been an inconsistent person who blogs lately. It truly means alot to me to have such loyal, caring readers/friends who check up on me and leave me love comments. (hugs)

We'll say farewell to April, that seemed to whiz by and welcome May tomorrow with giddy anticipation of goodness to come! (and maybe a style post too?)

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holli said...

Welcome back sweet girl!!! So glad you're feeling better and up and running on a new computer.

Lynne said...

Welcome back friend! And, I guess I will be the bearer of unhappy news.....a number of the Rafflecopter entries in the giveaway you told us about today don't actually take you anywhere when you click on the "gfc" link within the entry - incuding yours. : (

Lynne said...

Oh Britt - I am so silly - It finally occurred to me that I could just click on everyone's name and it would take me to their blogs and I could "gfc" follow them if I needed to (many of them I am already enjoying!) and not have to complain about broken links.....UGH. SORRY! I clearly must not be drinking enough coffee........ : )