Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend update.

Spring cleaning & organizing is in full swing around here. My nurse Sandy is going to hold a yard sale possibly this weekend or next, so we are all going through our belongings and sorting & pricing things for the sale. I can't wait!

On saturday, had a slow start to my day. I got ready and got to hang out with my friend Tessa. We went to the mall & mainly shopped at forever21. No major damage there except I got a new top that I am hoping to wear with a future purchase of skinny colored jeans. I am STILL on the lookout for ones that are cheap and that will actually fit my wide waist/hips & short legs. Oh & I also brought home chicken caesar salad from Paradise...that was yummy.

So here's the story of how we attempted to get to the mall:

We walked to the bus stop about 10 minutes before it was due to arrive. Well, I saw Tessa wave to the bus as it was approaching (my back was turned to it) and as I turned around, i waved at him too and the drive did not even turn his head. in fact, he was kinda speeding by, not driving with caution that he may need to stop! So in the end, he totally passed us and did not stop for us!! This is the second time this has happened since August. I am not sure if it's the same bus driver though i have a feeling it is. We couldn't get a good description of him because he was whizzing by! When we walked back to my house (this bus only comes every hour), we called customer relations and filed a complaint! Other than that happening, we had a jolly afternoon.

Yesterday I woke up with my ear popping weirdly and hurting. I also was so dang tired as I only got 4 hours of sleep the prior night. You could basically say and see that I was out of it. I got dressed nicely and put my makeup on. I took 2 benedryl's at 10am as we thought that maybe my ear prob was allergy/sinus related. It was still bothering me after and i then took mucinex at 12 noon. My morning was energetic but once 1pm rolled around my energy level was going downhill and by 2:30pm, I needed a nap. It's feeling fine today, but I am not too certain about it's "recovery."

I failed to take some entertaining photos this weekend, but here is one of me and mr. z. He's my friend & caregiver's dog. This photo was taken after we took him on a walk last evening as the weather was delightful.
he kept licking my face. I told him NoOo not my makeup lol

my little buddy

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you complained about that bus driver. What a jerk!

holli said...

I don't know, you look pretty good to be so tired. Sweet doggy!! I love dachshunds.

Martha Woods said...

What is it with pets and makeup? It must taste good or something!!