Thursday, April 11, 2013

stolen, acknowledgement, a highway + puffy eyes

let me begin by announcing that I've now listened to the following song 8 times, ok make that nine as I type this post. Thank you Katie for letting me know that this song was released YESTERDAY and for Alicia for posting the video on her blog, which motivated me to do the same on my blog for your hearing & viewing pleasure.

You're welcome.

Jimmy, are you talking about the time that was spent in a relationship built on a lie? Or are you talking too about a girl that got away? In any case, I want to be stolen away, but there is not a boyfriend to steal me back. lol.

On a related note, I walked w/James & his nephew to Walgreens yesterday. The only real mission was to pick up 72ct paper plate packs that were on sale for 99cents with the in-ad walgreens coupon. Well, I decided to give in to my craving of not-good-for-you-bloat-you-up-too-much-sugar soda.

There I was in deep thought, staring at the refrigerator case swishing my gaze back and forth between wild cherry pepsi or classic coca-cola when I heard,

"hey Brittany." in a manly but friendly voice.

I replied, "who is telling me this?" as I turned around to the left to find one of my favorite Walgreens employees holding a brown box.

"Oh hi Jim. How are you? Yeh, I am trying to decide which soda I want. I rarely drink soda but once in a while I get a craving."

Jim, "yeh me too. though I haven't drank soda I think in like a year."

Wow, I thought. Quite impressive.

Me: "wow that's really good. Oh gosh am i in your way? I am in your way." as I see that he's holding a box of soda that needs to be filed into the slots in the refrigerator case.

Jim: "oh no problem. I'll be out of your way in a sec."

By this time in our convo, James walked up to me as he was further down the aisle. When I turned around again, Jim was gone.

The point of me sharing this story is that it's nice when someone acknowledges you.
That they don't pretend you are not there.

It sort of irritates me when you know you know someone and they know they know you, yet when they see you they don't even say hi?!?
Or when you're in a store or some tight space and you make eye contact with someone and then later they scoot around you and don't say anything.

Maybe they are just preoccupied?
Maybe they don't see you/me? hmm? How could they not see a bulky wheelchair?lol
Maybe they are superficial?
Maybe they only want to be friendly or be a friend when it's convenient for them?
Or maybe they feel insecure?

I always aim to make people feel comfortable around me.

so back to the story. it sort of gave me a mini confidence boost in just the fact that this kind, helpful & handsome guy of the opposite sex talked with me. noticed me. that he could have went in another aisle working without saying hello. but no, he chose to extend this friendly gesture and as simple as it was, it made my day.

Next on my mind, as much as Taylor Swift annoys me (in the past year prob because she is EVERYWHERE) + im not saying I don't like her because I don't know her & how can I judge someone I don't even know; i have to say that I thoroughly am loving this song she is featured on with Tim McGraw &Keith Urban. I am so ready to take a road trip along the highway now! thanks guys!

Yesterday I was feeling pretty blah. I don't know if it was because I was so tired or my allergies, but my eyes got puffy and then later itchy.

hence the barely there eye makeup
Those puppies got all better once I took a benedryl around 9pm. I wasn't sneezing or having a running nose. How could I not know that it was my allergies when i had puffy + itchy eyes?? Blonde moment there! which btw, I don't mean to diss any blondes's just the stereotypical joke. You don't know but i used to be nearly blonde because I used to get my hair highlighted every 6-8 weeks without fail! anyways, I get ditzy sometimes truth be told. Brunettes are and can be ditzy too. Who cares?! ahhhhhhhh.

This is how I feel.

naptime anyone?
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Mandy Jean said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who is feeling blah and is also annoyed with Taylor Swift, LOL!!!

Cheer up pretty lady!

Take Care,
Mandy Jean

Pammy said...

I just love this blog post. I also love this song! Thanks for posting it! I met Jimmy eat World a couple years back on my birthday. I was surprised to see them eating and hanging out with their families. I only said hi. I was too shy to ask for a picture or autograph and I didn't want to interrupt their family dinner.

I also love the song by Tim McGraw feat. Taylor Swift and Keith Urban. I have that on repeat on my iphone. Have you heard Lady Antebellum's new song Downtown? It's pretty catchy and I love singing to it.

My allergies were bothering me on Monday since it was windy and everything was flying everywhere. Hope you are feeling better!

holli said...

You look very prety with your barely there makeup.
I love that song with Tim Mcgraw and Taylor.

Martha Woods said...

Ha, I'm also tired of Taylor! :D

I agree that it's kind of crappy when people can't be bothered to acknowledge you! Sometimes a smile and a kind word just make the day so much better. I think people get busy and don't want to be bothered, which is just selfish and rude!!

Julie Marie said...

hee hee brittnay, you're so cute... ugh I hate the itchy eyes. I get it alot and have major allergies...which is probably why i am always tires, im always taking benadryl ;)