Wednesday, April 3, 2013

what I wore wednesday: cream lace, mint & army green

Wow! what a wonderful response to me being back to all make a girl feel loved. i truly appreciate all of your support and kind love notes you've all left me!

so yeh, Happy Wednesday! 
I am sippin' on a orange berry smoothie while I type this post.

Today's post is about what I wore wednesday, but I also will share below a song that has been circulating my head these past few days.

All photos are taken courtesy of my 77 year old grandpa! He did good huh? lol
my fave pic of the day

shirt:kohl's (handed down from mom) // skirt: downeast basics // bracelet: gift // earrings: oldnavy


"I just need someone who can help me get some sleep"
--- when a heart breaks by Ben Rector

(ben, I know what you mean.)

I need Jesus. it's simple, but i make it complicated.
There are scary, unknown things that get thrown our way in life.
We feel overwhelmed and feel like we are getting buried deeper in a dirty, slippery, mud hole.

How will we ever make it out?

We don't need to know all of the answers.
all we need to remember is that the sun still shines bright.
The hand of Jesus is there to hold ours through it all.

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Mandy Jean said...

you look so great!! i love your outfit!!

Take Care,
Mandy Jean

Katie said...

Loving the outfit!!!

holli said...

Welcome back! I love your new layout and i've missed you. You look so cute!

Regina said...

Glad to see you, Britt!
I love the lace shirt! Obsessed with lace lately haha
Yes, I agree with you. Jesus will always be with us, and yes, the sun still shines bright. This makes me smile :) Thank you!

Rachel O. said...

Hi pretty lady!! You are ROCKING those sunglasses!! I am totally in love with them. And your outfit is gorgeous - I especially love that shirt. Paired with the skirt, it's perfect. And I can't believe your Grandpa took those pics - he's awesome! My husband can't even take a good picture of me, haha :) Glad you're back to blogging and that you've got everything up and running! Hope you're having a great week.

Pammy said...

Love the earrings B!