Tuesday, April 23, 2013

my lungs sound like crap

Dudes & dudettes, you know how i sort of complained on how I wasn't feeling that great, thinking it was allergies? Wellllllll, yesterday I saw my primary dr and lo and behold I have an upper respiratory infection!! Dr. put me on a z-pack and cough medicine. I also got an xray last evening to make sure I don't have pneumonia.

We'll hopefully get a phone call from the dr's office today to let me know yes or no, hopefully no! I sound like crap! all this gurgling and hacking at times! bah! But i am not gonna leave you with that crappy news....oh No!

Here i am bringing you happy news that I am participating in Tara of Penniless Socialite's group giveaway!! And i just discovered that her blog got a makeover and I LOVE IT, even though her blog design before was sassy and chic! But you gotta go check it out and see her cat's silhouette! that's my fave!!

You know, I feel that the equivalent of stalking other people's blog JUST to see their design and Ooh and ahhh over it is nearly the same as checking out your neighbor's or strangers home decor...these are the places we thrive! Right?! haha

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J and A said...

I hope you feel better real soon!!

heydanixo said...

just found your blog and as a new follower I wish you the best of luck in getting well! Hopefully that z-pack kicks the sickness right out of you. please feel free to check out my blog once you feel better. heydanixo.blogspot.com (:

chrysalis1975 said...

Please feel better soon Britt :-). I'm praying for you!! Hugs & Much Love,


Martha Woods said...

Oh no! I sure hope you feel better soon!!

holli said...

Prayers for speedy recovery and complete healing!!