Tuesday, August 28, 2012

happy happy joy joy

let's talk about nice feelings today. 

You know the ones that make you feel giddy or just excited about life. The kind of actions that leave you with feelings that make you smile...loved. accepted. being part of a supportive network/family, thus included. complimented. volunteering. serving. singing, whatever..you fill in the blank.
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I've been feeling pretty happy lately. Not for any particular reason, just happy.  well maybe it's a culmination of things.When I first think of the word happy, I get the song that Ren & Stimpy sing, Happy Happy Joy Joy! lol, and I haven't even seen that cartoon in over a decade, nor do i even watch cartoons, but that's what first pops into my head. Soon after that I think of the super tall trees of the forest, the mountains surrounding a meadow (like I've seen in Northern Arizona and absolutely one of my fave places ever to go!), hummingbirds, sunshine and crisp air...and a starbucks drink thrown in there and I am set!

now im gonna end this with a giveaway that will leave you with a nice feeling :D

I am taking part in the Sayonara Summer Giveaway today that is being hosted by the lovelies, Brooke of Covered in Grace & Kelly of the Houtz House Party!! But to make things easier, you can enter right here BUT if you'd like to stop by their wonderful blogs, then please feel free to do so! They are both so welcoming and AWESOME!!

Welcome, welcome to DAY TWO of the Sayonara Summer 5 Days of GIVEAWAYS! Brought to you by Kelly and Brooke! We are so excited to present another set of amazing and generous bloggers to you today. The prizes are awesome and the ladies are fabulous! We wish you the best of luck! And we hope you'll keep coming back for more!
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Good Luck Everyone!!
**You must complete each of the 13 Mandatory Entries to qualify for this giveaway.**

**Note, Unfortunately today's giveaway is open only to US RESIDENTS**

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anika♥Lee said...

Absolutely nothing wrong with feeling happy!!!!! :) Enjoy life, that's what it's all about!