Tuesday, August 14, 2012

wouldn't you like to know

...that last night, i wrote nearly two pages of a letter to my cousin Joe, the artist. It was pretty therapeutic too. Must continue writing this week, i've got more to say!

This morning, i received Excellent news, with a capital E, from my mom and I am so excited!
Last night, it was decided that the 5 foot mafia (minus 1) will start a book club of sorts. We are going to each read one Christian book of 3 and switch books w/each other. 
It'll be good for us three girls to grow spiritually as well as strengthen our friendship! I can't wait! If you want to know who/why the 5 foot mafia is...ask me and i shall tell. maybe. lol.

This afternoon, I basically finished preparing a post for thursday that you won't want to miss! ;) I thought i wasn't gonna make it. the task seemed daunting, but i worked at it and conquered!

This morning-midday-ish: I literally re-started my computer three times because it got frozen. It PROBABLY had something to do w/the fact that I had/have 20 tabs opened. OOPS!

This evening, I am going to package up a wee surprise for my little brother and sister.

This evening, I am looking forward to catching up with my twin.

...that I decided that TODAY was a much better day than Yesterday. Thank you Joel Osteen for your encouraging word last night on the tv! We gotta keep dreaming big and believing in God's favor!

Finally, wouldn't you like to know that I am participating in a giveaway at Cassie's blog, Live.Laugh.L0ve! Lots of ad space and cool prizes! Three days left to enter!


A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

Oh Brit, I sometimes have at least 20 tabs open at once. Crazy right?

Dana @ five30three said...

Yay for good news!!