Friday, August 3, 2012

coffee date, im serious

Happy friday and weekend!

Time for another installment of coffee date with Alissa of Rags to stitches! Let's chat shall we? I went over the 30 second challenge for sure, like 3 mins over..don't be mad! lol I didn't meet you for coffee last week because i was quite busy, so I am happy yo see you now. 

I know this isn't alot of REAL posting, but I do like that Alissa's and No..el's link ups (that's ive done this week) do prompt me to express my REAL self and that's about as REAL as one can expect, right?

Here i am broadcasting myself--as youtube calls it lol. I did have to upload my vlog to youtube then embed here.

a recap for you in case you don't watch the vlog--no time, doesn't matter, here ya go:

i'm right on board with what Amanda is talking about: a take back your blog revolution! I am no sloppy joe if you know what i mean hahaha.

I have a sensitive soul that gets moved easily. I tear up and i laugh about it. I see alot of beauty in life.

I'm not afraid to talk about and share my faith. I'm no preacher. Don't worry, i am not gonna tell you what to do or believe. I try REALLY hard not to judge and instead, look to see the best in everyone and accept them for how they are, not how they are not. Let's face it, i want people to accept me for how i am.

In my 2nd and 3rd takes, my voice was not matching my lips moving, so i deleted them and this is the 4th take. I didn't mention in this one how i am slightly embarrassed/feel self conscious about showing my ankles and feet because i can't wear shoes. they hurt my feet because my feet are turned a bit on their sides due to weakening muscles and me sitting in my wheelchair all these years.

What are you not afraid to talk about on your blog or in your life?
What is something that you feel kinda embarrassed about?


Dana @ five30three said...

Yay for waterproof mascara! I have been very emotional after having a baby seven months ago. I was never a crier before, but now...holy cow. I need a box of tissues wherever I go!

I did get a sample pen eyeliner recently that would be PERFECT for you! It came in my MyGlam subscription box. Details here under #4:

Happy weekend, dear!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the shout-out girlie. You're awesome.

Kelly said...

I love you girl!!! Always!!!

Kimberly Bonham said...

You will be going to the Down East Blogging event?!?!
I will be there also. So excited to meet you!